Now that you have made arrangements for your dog’s care while you are away, it is time to pack everything they require. The following items are essential regardless of where you choose to board your pet. Before dropping off your dog at the boarding facility, you must pack the following items. Make a list to keep track of everything so that you don’t leave anything out.


Proper identification is one of the essential components of dog ownership, even if you only keep your pet at home. During a boarding period, however, you must ensure that your pet’s information is current. A collar with an ID tag and a microchip is likely the most effective form of canine identification. 

They should each contain the name of your dog’s name, phone number, and possibly even your address. Additionally, you should almost probably include emergency contact information and also click here if your pet needs dental services prior to boarding.

Emergency Contact Details

As you would for a human child, leaving emergency contact information for your dog is wise. If you are leaving town, you should give the name and phone number of someone in the area who can assist the boarding facility in caring for your dog in an emergency. Your best bet is a friend or family member, as they will likely be excellent friends with your dog. 

In addition to their information, you should submit that of your veterinarian. If something happens while you’re gone, your regular veterinarian will have access to your dog’s health records and can utilize them as a resource. If your general practitioner veterinarian cannot assist, he or she can send your pet from the boarding facility to a local emergency clinic. 

If you are familiar with an animal hospital in your area, it would be prudent to include them on the kennel’s list. The more details you provide, the more effectively the kennel staff can respond to an emergency.

A Familiar Blanket or T-Shirt

It should not be a surprise that our dogs miss us when we’re away. Pet boarding services or even a friend’s home might be upsetting for our dogs, but leaving them with a familiar object can make them feel more at ease. A worn T-shirt or blanket is always an excellent choice. 

These things contain your scent, your dog’s scent, and the scents of your family members. The familiarity will help calm your dog if he becomes anxious or homesick, and it is simple to pack these items into your dog’s backpack. Additionally, they are silky and physically reassuring.

Favorite Snacks and Toys

If your dog stays somewhere other than at home, he will likely need activities to keep him occupied during the day. Packing durable chews is an excellent method to keep your dog entertained during his visit. Bringing his favorite toys will also encourage him to enjoy his stay and interact with new human and canine pals.

These items may also remind your dog of home and help him maintain a sense of normalcy in his routine. For instance, if your dog receives a specific treat at a specific time every day, you can request that the boarding facility do the same.

Extra Food

Some boarding facilities provide their food, but a sudden change in nutrition can be detrimental to our pets, especially during a stressful period. Whether your dog stays with a friend or at an overnight daycare, you should pack his regular meals. In addition, you should bring additional meals in case something unforeseen disrupts your vacation plans.

For various causes, flights are delayed or missed, and stays are extended. If this occurs, you must ensure that your dog has enough food to last until your return. The last thing you want is an unexpected extension to aggravate your dog’s unsettled stomach.


If you want to double-check that you’ve packed everything your dog will need for their boarding stay, phone the boarding facility and speak with a staff member about what they require and what other dog owners generally bring when dropping off their dogs for an extended stay.