Best Flea Collar For Puppies On 2020

I know that you will agree on the fact that fleas are pesky intruders to the body of our beloved dogs. They are good at hiding, especially on regions where you don’t suspect that much.

The neck of your dog is one of the areas where fleas love to stay. They love it more when you place a collar there that doesn’t have any anti-flea properties. They can stay there and feed on your dog for as long as they can.

Fortunately, you can always get the best flea collar for puppies that can help you address this problem. With this accessory, the neck of your dog will be fully protected from the sneaky attacks of these parasites.

Well, with all of the collars that we have in the market today, finding one that can help fend off the fleas is quite difficult. A lot can claim, but only a few can back it up. But in this guide, I will show you those that have walked the talk.

Here are some of the top rated flea collars that are guaranteed to make fleas run away for good.

Dog Flea Collar Reviews

1. Bayer Animal Health Seresto Flea and Tick Collar for Small Dogs – Editor’s Pick

Most of us have small dog breeds. Who doesn’t want a toy dog anyway? However, just like other dogs, they are also susceptible to a flea infestation. Furry or not, small dogs are indeed vulnerable to these attacks. Good thing the Bayer Animal Health Seresto Flea and Tick Collar are there to come to your rescue. It is a top-class collar that provides the right technology to keep these tiny invaders from bothering your dog.

Seresto collars for dogs have two potent ingredients that are present on this collar that makes it an effective flea and tick defense: flumethrin and imidacloprid. These substances are released gradually in low concentration for optimal results. For straight eight months, the Bayer Flea Collar Seresto is capable of ensuring that your dog will be free from tick and flea. If they get in contact with this collar, these fleas will die right away. Isn’t that great!


  • Guaranteed 8-month flea protection
  • Active ingredients are safe for your dogs
  • Ensures comfort to your dog
  • Can also control lice and sarcoptic mange
  • Non-greasy and odorless


  • No known issues

2. Hartz Ultraguard Flea & Tick Collars

I am quite impressed with the quality of the Hartz Ultraguard Flea & Tick Collar. It is a versatile option if you have dogs and cats in your household. I can testify that this one can eliminate the presence of fleas in the skin of your dog. I realized that it is capable of removing various fleas, from adults down to their eggs. Therefore, it is an excellent collar if you are looking for something that can provide extensive treatment against infestations.

This particular collar has been rated to work for as long as seven months. This duration is already acceptable to help curb down the existence of fleas in the skin of your dog. It can also prevent eggs from hatching to entirely stop the population of fleas from growing. I also love this collar because of its water-resistant design. Even exposed in the water, it remains to be effective!


  • Freshly scented flea collar
  • Capable of killing fleas and stopping their eggs from hatching
  • The smooth surface prevents skin irritation
  • Water-resistant design
  • All the chemicals that have been used in this collar are safe for both dogs and humans


  • Fastening mechanism does not lock the collar very well

3. REGIROCK Flea Tick Collar

I don’t have that much experience in using this flea collar from REGIROCK. But based on the reviews of some of my acquaintances, this collar seems to serve a satisfactory performance in keeping the parasites out. According to them, the collar works well against fleas, ticks, bugs, and other types of pests that can harm your dog. It is also an affordable option as it is not as expensive as other flea collars.

The durability of this collar is impressive. It cannot get damaged easily, even if your dog chews on it. Furthermore, it has excellent retention. The collar doesn’t wear out even after using it for a long time. As far as my research is concerned, the effectivity of this collar lasts for eight months. That’s more than enough to stop all infestation in the skin of your dog. There are no reports that this collar produces chemicals or substances that can harm dogs and humans.


  • Uses dog-safe natural oil extracts for keeping the fleas out
  • Both waterproof and non-greasy
  • Cost-efficient option for killing fleas
  • Doesn’t irritate the skin of your dog
  • Can be adjusted easily


  • The odor is quite strong

4. Arava Flea & Tick Prevention Collar

If you are looking for an effective prevention flea collar? Then you should check out this option from Arava. The Arava Flea & Tick Prevention Collar is something that I can call amazing. It is dog-friendly because it uses botanical components such as peppermint, geranium, clove, thyme, and cinnamon to repel fleas and discourage them from coming to your dog or pup. I was thrilled that this collar was introduced to me because it works like wonder. Make this an accessory of your dog, and you’ll be sure that your pet will be free from these pests.

Another lovable thing about the Arava Flea & Tick Prevention Collar is its one-size-fits-all design. The entire collar can be adjusted so that it can fit small dog breeds and large dog breeds alike. It does prevent skin irritation, too. Because of its natural composition in combating fleas, you can guarantee that it is safe for your fur baby. Take into account that the effectivity of this collar lasts for six months.


  • Can fit various dog sizes
  • All-natural composition to fight fleas
  • Proven to be safe and effective
  • Brightly-colored collar for better visibility
  • Waterproof construction


  • Still emits a noticeable odor

5. VetriScience Laboratories Flea + Tick Defense Collar

I was lucky enough to try this treatment collar two years ago. I just gave it a try after a friend of mine recommended it to me. It is an affordable collar, so I didn’t mind buying it. Fortunately, it delivered what it has promised. This collar is competent enough to kill fleas and ticks once it is already worn by your dog. It can work fast as the results can already be seen after a few days only.

It has been rated that this dog collar can also eliminate larvae and eggs. It is an important feature, especially if the infestation has been too severe already. It reduces the chances of secondary problems from coming in, such as tapeworms, dermatitis, and allergy. The active component that is used on this collar is fipronil. Based on the laboratory results that I have read, fipronil is a potent ingredient that can target lice, ticks, fleas, and even mosquitoes. The effectivity of this ingredient is extensive as well.


  • Kills different types of pests such as lice, ticks, and fleas
  • Long-lasting and fast-acting performance
  • Guaranteed waterproof
  • Durable and rugged construction
  • Impressive shape retention for a guaranteed fit


  • Too oily and leaves residues on the skin of the dog

6. Adams Plus Flea and Tick Collar

Surely enough, the Adams Plus Flea and Tick Collar really work its magic. Unlike other flea collars, this one can both kill and repel fleas and ticks at the same time. It has extensive coverage of protection too, as it can also eliminate eggs, larvae, and even the nymphs of ticks. Once this collar is in your dog, you will never have to worry about any infestations. For straight seven months, this collar can provide decent protection to your dog. It is something that you need, especially if you are living in areas where fleas are quite common.

Even if the collar is wet, it still works. It is a fantastic feature that cements the quality of this flea collar among its counterparts. The oils that are being used on this collar quickly spreads to the body, leaving no blindspot. Fortunately, it doesn’t leave any irritation to the skin of your pet. However, let me remind you that I do discourage letting your children or small kids play with this collar. It comes with some potent ingredients that when consumed, can cause serious health problems.


  • Potency doesn’t weaken even if it is wet
  • Fast-action flea prevention
  • Wraps well and comfortably in the necks of the dogs
  • Eliminates other types of infestations and prevent them from coming back
  • Can protect your pet for seven months


  • Not as durable as other flea collars

7. Scalibor Protector Band for Dogs

I can say that Scalibo is a serious option for flea prevention. Although this flea collar lasts for only six months, it is still capable of controlling various infestations, regardless of their degree. It can kill fleas and ticks in just a matter of days. It can even eliminate their eggs and larvae to entirely stop the population of these pests from growing. Furthermore, it has been noted by some users of this collar that it can repel mosquitoes as well. If you are living in an area where mosquitoes are rampant, you might want to choose this collar.

The Scalibor Protector Band for Dogs is using patented insecticide-release technology. The latter ensures that the active components that it uses in killing fleas will be released in a gradual but sufficient amount. In this way, it can provide comprehensive protection without compromising the safety of the pet and the owner. I had an encounter with this collar, so I know that it is odorless. It is water-resistant too! The collar works even if your dog plays in the water for a considerable period!


  • Potent enough to kill fleas and ticks that are hiding in the skin of your dog
  • The water-resistant feature ensures that it will work even if it is fully drenched
  • Comes with a neutral scent
  • One-size-fits-all design
  • Offers up to six months of protection


  • No known issues

8. Hartz Ultraguard Flea and Tick Large Dog Collar

The Hartz Ultraguard Flea and Tick Dog Collar is an innovative option in tackling down the issues of parasitic infestations. One of its notable properties is its fresh scent. Despite having potent ingredients that are capable of killing fleas and ticks, the collar remains to be pleasant to the smell. It can be used by pups and adult dogs alike. In fact, it can even be worn together with the standard collar of your pet. For straight seven months, you can expect that no pests will ever come near in the skin of your dog once this collar is present.

The water-resistant design of this flea collar ensures that it remains effective even after a playful bathtime. The collar can provide ample protection to your dog–from its head down to its tails. It doesn’t leave any blind spots even if your dog is quite furry. The collar can be activated quickly. There is no more complicated stuff that you have to do to get this thing working. Although it is not as durable as other flea collars, it is already enough to hold for a year!


  • Can be fitted snugly to the neck of the dog
  • The gentle scent makes it a pet-friendly collar
  • Possesses potent ingredients that can effectively kill fleas and ticks
  • Provides flea protection for up to seven months
  • Can be worn simultaneously with an ordinary dog collar


  • Not as durable as other flea collars
  • Can cause sensitivity issues to the skin of your dog

9. Bio Spot Active Care Flea and Tick Collar

Another effective flea and tick collar that I can suggest is the Bio Spot Active Care Flea and Tick Collar. This particular item works well for adult dogs that have a severe flea infestation. It can kill numerous parasites in the surface of your dog, including the eggs and larvae. For as quick as a week, this flea collar can significantly reduce the population of the fleas. It will arrive at a point where no more fleas and ticks will dare come near to your dog.

Just like other flea collars, this one has a waterproof design. It is also durable so that it can’t be damaged by a playful dog. It can give ample protection to your pet for at least seven months. It is more than enough to ensure that your dog is safe from fleas until you are going to replace it. I also love the fact that this flea collar from Bio Spot is odorless. Honestly, I prefer those that have neutral scent over those that have been scented. I have a sensitive nose, so I don’t like to deal with strong smells.


  • Can fit both pups and adult dogs
  • Comes with an effective formula in killing and repelling fleas and ticks
  • Works continuously even if drenched in water
  • Can eliminate eggs and larvae as well
  • Features a neutral scent


  • Durability is still an issue

You can read more reviews from trust site: Dogtelligent and How Effective are Flea Collars? Before writing this post I discussed with Brain Hamer and he recommended his post about flea collar for dogs.

What Is A Flea Collar For Dogs?

Just like I said earlier, there are a lot of dog collars out there. Some have ergonomic designs. Some are even made to control the barking of your dog. Therefore, it is not surprising already if there are collars that are made to keep fleas and ticks out.

Of course, a flea collar is not just a work of science fiction. I will be damned if that’s the case. Fortunately, I am a living witness to the effectiveness of these flea collars. I have them worn by my dogs, and over time, these parasites are no longer my problem.

Just like its name suggests, a flea collar is designed to keep your dog protected against fleas and other types of dog infestations. Specifically, these collars have been imbibed with specific chemicals that can repel these fleas. They are usually wrapped in the collar via a thin strip. Of course, other mechanisms are still available.

A flea and tick collar gives relief to dog owners. Even if you are not always in the lookout, this ergonomic collar does the dirty job already. It gives you peace of mind and security that your beloved pet is free from any infestation. After all, if left untreated, these fleas can cause ailments like scratching and hotspots. They can make your dog terribly sick, too!

But how should you see a flea collar? Well, for me, it should be viewed as a preventive measure rather than a cure. Once your dog is already exposed to the outside environment, you already need to get this particular collar on their neck. In this way, you will not have to worry anymore that fleas and ticks have been able to sneak their way in the skin of your dog.

Always remember that prevention is better than cure. You don’t want to arrive in a situation where everything is too late already. Nobody wants that.

A flea collar is just one method that can help in preventing fleas from making your dog their home. Although there are other parasitic control options that you can try, it is quite difficult to top the convenience and efficiency that a flea collar can give.

But of course, you will have to seek first flea collars for dogs that work. The options that I have listed earlier are just some of the best options that you can try.

Different Types of Flea Collars That Work!

In this guide, I have listed already various brands and units of flea collars. However, they are still not yet categorized. And at this point, it is necessary that you know how you can classify a particular flea collar. These dog accessories, after all, don’t come in a one-size-fits-all setup.

Right now, there are three categories for a flea collar: treatment, repelling, and treat-and-repeal. By now, you might have an idea already on how each of these collars works. But of course, I will just have to explain their respective functions and mechanisms.

Treatment Flea Collars For Puppies

Without any bias, I can say that this particular option is home to the best rated flea collar. It is common for dog owners to react once the infestation already kicked in. They won’t buy until such time they will see a tiny organism sucking the life of their dog.

A treatment flea collar is there to help kill the flea and stop the infestation from going further. If your furry friends are already under siege, this particular collar can help mitigate the situation and put them away from their misery.

This particular collar comes with various substances that help treat the problem. It is specially made for those that have infestations already. I don’t think that this particular flea collar has specific mechanisms that cause preventive responses.

There are two approaches in which a treatment flea collar work. Here are they:

Medication – Some medicines that help in killing fleas are being inserted in the collar so that it will seep to the skin of your dog.

Active Ingredients – There are known dog-friendly substances that can aid in curbing the infestation of fleas and ticks. Usually, these come in the form of natural oil.

Either of these approaches can effectively remove the fleas from your dog. Furthermore, let me remind you that a dog flea collar is more effective if it is potent enough to kill rather than making your dog “invisible” to the fleas. Treatment collars are indeed great because of this kind of feature. They gave you an idea that all hope is not lost yet.

Repelling Flea Collars For Puppies

Flea control for dogs starts at the stage where fleas and other invaders are still not present. It is the perfect time to set up an impregnable defense so that your dog will be free from various threats.

A repelling flea collar is a perfect tool for such kind of job. Unlike treatment flea collars, a repelling flea collar cannot kill fleas. However, it can stop them from coming in the first place. It is a great option, especially if your dog has still not yet been exploring the outside world.

The mechanism of a repelling flea collar is straightforward. They keep the fleas out by releasing gasses or substances that are not too inviting for fleas. In this way, the collar is making your dog a not-so-good-place for residency. You just have to hope that this will stay the same for quite a long time.

However, the duration of the effectivity of this particular collar only lasts for a maximum of eight months. Any longer than that is quite suspicious already. A flea collar that works for 8 months is already a good deal. Those options that I have listed in the earlier section are capable of inducing this effect. Isn’t that great?

Of course, let me remind you again that if your dog has been infested already, a repelling flea collar is not the best remedy already. Instead, you need a collar that actively fights the fleas and evicts them from the sensitive body of your beloved furry buddy!

But for preventing the treats, a repelling flea collar should just be fine. I still believe that an preemptive flea and tick prevention for dogs is still essential.

Treat and Repel Flea Collars For Puppies

Surprisingly, some dog collar manufacturers just don’t want to rest on limited solutions. Since the advent of flea collars, there have been those units that have been released in the market that are said to treat and repel fleas at the same time!

However, is there any merit to these dog collars? Or should you just ignore them?

Honestly, not all of these two-in-one flea collars for dogs work. The good news is that there are existing units that can do this job pretty well.

Specifically, treat-and-repel flea collars work by preventing and killing the infestation simultaneously. Therefore, you can say that it is a comprehensive option, especially if you don’t want your dog to suffer from the hidden attacks of these tiny invaders. Of course, because of this performance, you can say that these particular collars are costlier than their counterparts. But for me, that’s a trade that I will gladly take any time of the day.

The versatility of treat-and-repel flea collars makes them incredibly versatile. It doesn’t matter anymore if there are fleas or no fleas that have burrowed in the skin of your dog. This specific collar will be able to kick those unwanted guests away from your pet! Once you got a working treat-and-repel collar, you might as well have to say goodbye to fleas for good!

How Do Flea Collars Work: A Simple Overview

Because we have different types of collars, it is also expected that each of them has different mechanisms. But don’t worry. This shouldn’t scare you at all. Consider this as an educational tour so that you have an idea of how simple collars like this keep the fleas out.

Treatment Flea Collars For Puppies

A flea collar that promises to alleviate the infestation has to be aggressive. There’s no other way than that. Many fleas have strong defenses against ordinary repellants. You need specific substances that can eliminate them by attacking their internal systems.

But in doing so, the chemicals that have been used should not be harmful to your dog. Otherwise, it is still not a good choice. Fortunately, the best flea and tick collars for dogs have been rated to be safe for your beloved animals.

There is a myriad of substances that can be used to address the flea problem. Each manufacturer has their secret formula to keep the fleas at bay. Medications are almost the staple in the industry today. These dog-safe treatments are excellent in quelling the flea infestation of your dog. Alternatively, natural oils are also used to combat fleas. That’s one safe option if you are too doubtful about these chemicals.

However, because of the nature of this collar, it is quite impossible that you can use them for a long time. Once the fleas are gone already, you should remove them too. You don’t want these chemicals to hang for a long time, especially if there are no fleas anymore. By that time, relying on the service of a repelling flea collar for dogs should be the next option.

Repelling Flea Collars For Puppies

Flea and tick prevention starts at the period when these invaders are still not able to find their way to your dog. Letting your pet wear a repelling flea collar should be a good method to stop these parasites from infiltrating your poor little friend.

Specifically, the mechanism of a repelling flea collar is simple. It releases a certain type of gas that makes your dog repulsive to fleas. Of course, this smell is neutral to humans, but for fleas, they are downright disgusting. When this gas embraces your dog, the fleas and ticks won’t even dare to make a step further. They will just flee and ignore your dog.

Sadly, just like what I have been trying to say earlier, this particular collar is not always the first option for many dog owners. They won’t think about these infestations until the problem starts manifesting already. It is for that very reason why a repelling flea collar is less popular than a collar that is made for flea treatment.

I used to have this kind of mentality once. But after I saw several videos of massive flea infestation on dogs, I became scared. I was horrified in the idea that such kind of predicament can also happen to my pet. Instead of going for an aggressive approach, I chose a repellant instead. With such an item, I didn’t have to worry anymore that fleas and ticks will come while I am not looking.

Treat-and-Repel Flea Collars For Puppies

As of now, you have already an idea of how this type of flea collar works. By combining the capabilities of a treatment flea collar and repelling flea collar, a treat-and-repel option is indeed versatile. You have the best of both worlds once you can have this particular dog collar.

Although they are expensive, treat-and-repel flea collars are worth investing. They can give you a guarantee that your dog will not be squandered off by fleas and ticks. The quality of these collars makes them an excellent choice for dog owners that have extensive need for flea control.

Benefits Of A Flea Collar: Why You Should Get One?

The infestation of fleas, although unwanted, is a common occurrence. Once you own a dog, you should already anticipate that this problem will strike at some point in time. Therefore, you should not be surprised anymore about this issue. The best thing that you can do right now is to prepare your dog and ensure that no fleas will be able to burrow deep.

A flea collar for dogs has a lot of benefits. Aside from the general idea that it keeps the fleas out from the skin of your dog, a flea collar can bring these following benefits.

Benefit #1: Eliminate Potential Skin Problems

Fleas can cause a lot of skin problem for your dogs. And in some instances, the damage they can do to the skin is quite severe. For example, the constant exposure to the saliva of the flea can induce unwanted allergies and itching. It can make your dog irritable and agitated. If they scratch too much, skin infections and hot spots can take place. Fortunately, flea collars can stop this problem from happening.

Benefit #2: Cost-Efficient Option

The price of these flea collars is not as high as other remedies for fleas and ticks. Consider it as a one-time cost. Once you have an effective flea collar, you don’t want to worry for the next eight months. In this period, a flea collar can sufficiently protect your pet from the potential risks of flea infestation. Compared to other treatment options, I can say that these flea collars give me an easier time handling my expenses for my pet buddy.

Benefit #3: Protects Your Pet for A Long Time

The efficiency of a flea collar does not only last for a few weeks or months. They are made to induce long-lasting effects, and that’s a guarantee. Of course, not all dog flea and tick collars offer this kind of service. That’s the very reason why you need to choose a collar that can run for as long as eight months before you replace them.

Benefit #4: Keeps The Worms Out

We all know that fleas are not the only problem here. Most of the time, these fleas have tapeworms in them. When they bite your dog, there’s a good chance that they will transmit tapeworms. And that’s not a good thing at all. After all, tapeworms are one of the causes of why a dog loses its appetite to it. If the victim is a puppy, tapeworms can induce anemia and inhibit growth rate. Once again, you can stop this problem through the use of a flea collar.

Benefit #5: Ensures That Your Home If Free From Fleas

Unprotected dogs are always susceptible to a flea infestation. And of course, this is not a problem that only your dog shoulders. Your entire household will also be a victim of them. Although they don’t see humans as a source of food, they can still make your home repulsive and dirty. Can you imagine having these guests littering in your house? If you can’t, then investing in flea collars should be a must.

Are Flea Collars for Puppies Effective?

This question is quite perplexing to answer. You see, there are still a lot of people out there that don’t see the value of these collars. Even if they do put some agreement, they can’t still help but to feel doubtful about their effectiveness.

Of course, I cannot blame. In the past, I was also having the same kind of skepticism. After all, how can a simple collar keep the fleas out? But after I learned the mechanism behind these collars and leashes, I had a change of heart. I actively used them for my dogs, and since then, I don’t have any flea problems.

However, always remember that flea collars don’t have the same make and mechanism. I can say that some have exceptional qualities, while others are seemingly disappointing. If you can land on something that provides to your money, then you can already say goodbye to your flea problems.

The best ones are those that can last for eight to twelve months. In fact, dog flea collars that last 8 months are already a decent choice. They can give you satisfying results. But then again, make sure that you can get the appropriate collar for the current predicament of your pet. If there are fleas already, a collar that can suppress the infestation and kill these little jerks should be the option that you should take. Otherwise, preventive dog flea collars should be preferred.

How to Choose A Flea Collar For Puppies?

As a dog owner, it is your responsibility to choose the right flea collar for your pet. After all, you cannot let your furry buddy do the choosing because that’s not how they roll, right?

If you want immediate satisfaction and results, learning how to identify a good collar from not is a necessary skill. Fortunately, you don’t have to become an expert before you can achieve such a feat. By just paying attention to some small details, you will be able to get a collar that your dogs really deserve.

The Current Situation

Just like what I have told earlier, it is necessary that you know the status of your dog first. You don’t want to spend on something that cannot help your dog at all. The idea here is simple: your money should go in the appropriate investment. It is entirely pointless in getting a collar that doesn’t aid the needs of your dog.

I have already mentioned the two scenarios that can decide the type of flea collar that you will get for your dog. For me, preventive flea collars, or those who have that comes with flea-repelling features, are the ideal choice. They provide optimal defense to your dog so that they will not be targeted by any parasitic infestations. These collars eliminate the future possibilities of dealing with nasty infestations.

But for those who were not able to prevent this predicament from happening, treatment flea collars can help them out. They are the most viable option at this point as they are capable of killing the fleas and ending their reign in the skin of your dog.

Overall, understanding the situation of your dog allows you to easily find a flea collar that perfectly fits them. It lessens your time in choosing and ensures that your dog is getting the right pampering that it deserves. Of course, it saves you time, too!


You should never get a collar unless you know the girth size of the neck of your dog. A little too loose, and it will be separated away from your pet. Make it stiff, and your dog will definitely get annoyed and deprived.

Sizing is important. Aside from the comfort that your dog will feel, the proper fit also optimizes the effect of the collar. After all, adequate contact is necessary so that the anti-flea substances will be released efficiently.


It would be best if the flea collar that you can get comes with a gentle odor. Any strong scent can cause unwanted reactions to your dog. There’s no need for you to get collars that produce an aggressive smell. Make sure that the collar only affects the fleas and ticks, not your dog.

If possible, you have to choose an odorless flea collar. They do exist! I have tried one for my dogs, and they certainly loved it. I am quite hopeful that your dog will have the same pleasant experience, too!

Water Resistance

It is essential for any flea collars to be water resistant.


Because your dog is always exposed to situations where water is their friend. If you are going to bath them, taking off the collar may not be an option to take. If they drink water, some of the splashes will immediately drape in the collar. Any of these circumstances can damage ordinary flea collars. Well, I am not saying that the collar will be ripped apart. Instead, it just another way of saying that the collar will lose its effects.

Of course, that’s not something that you would want to happen. These particular collars, by default, should be impervious to the elements. Whether you expose them to water and heat, adverse effects should not kick in. Otherwise, your dog will be inhibited of the things that it wants to do.


Let me tell you that not all collars can protect your dogs from fleas in the same duration. Some can only last for a month or two, while others can extend up to a year.

For those who are looking for a cost-efficient option, it is entirely reasonable to go with flea collars that can last long. After all, they are the ones that don’t require constant replacement. A lot of dog owners don’t want to keep on switching to different collars from time to time. Aside from being a costly option, it is quite annoying, too. It produces lots of waste, which is something that you don’t want at all.

However, some are still doubtful regarding the efficiency of flea collars as time passes by. Many believe that these collars will lose their potency after a month or two have passed. But based on the tests that I have done, this doesn’t seem to be the case. Flea collars for dogs, if manufactured correctly, can induce lasting effects. They can serve your dog for straight 8 months or a year.

Ingredients and Substances

You cannot stay comfortable unless you are already aware of the ingredients or components that have been used to the flea collar. You should take this extra precaution, especially if you are going to buy a treatment flea collar. You need a potent composition that can vanquish fleas. But at the same time, this doesn’t mean that the safety of your dog will be compromised as well.

Further and thorough research is essential so that you can identify if a particular flea collar is using dog-friendly substances. You need to inspect if the chemicals that have been integrated into the collar have questionable quality. If you are doubtful, better contact your local veterinarian for assistance.

Take note that these toxic ingredients cannot only harm your dog but you as well. If they can come in contact with you or your kids, expect some serious health problems to follow. It is the very reason I have been so selective of the flea collars that I recommend. I don’t want to introduce something that is harmful and deleterious to one’s health!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Are flea collars effective?
A: Yes. But not all have the same kind of potency. Keep in mind that in my previous explanations, I have told that that the performance of a flea collar varies, depending on how it was manufactured. Some are there to repel while others are made to kill fleas and other pests.

You may tell that a particular collar is ineffective because it didn’t stop the infestation. But you have to think first if you got a preventive collar or a repelling one. If you have the latter, then it is quite understandable that it cannot conquer existing fleas. After all, they are just there to repel fleas and nothing more. They don’t have the capacity to eliminate those nasty creatures hiding in the skin of your dog.

Furthermore, based on my research, there are indeed flea collars that don’t work. I did my best to avoid them. The ones that I have introduced here are those that have verified effects, and they can keep your dog flea-free.

Q: Are flea collars safe?
A: Generally, the idea that flea collars are not safe because of their blunt use of chemicals and insecticides. But of course, that is completely understandable since you cannot deal with fleas through ordinary means. They are your best options for now. Alternatively, some manufacturers tried to use natural ingredients, such as oil, to fight fleas. In some extent, they can produce the desired effects that we need.

So far, these flea collars are rated to be safe, not only for our dogs but for us owners as well. However, there’s nothing wrong if you will do some inspecting by yourself. You need to know the ingredients that have been used in the collar and try to research more about them. If you have read something awry about them, then just avoid using any collars that use them.

Q: Can flea collars make a sick dog?
A: I don’t see any reason as to why a flea collar can make a dog sick. Just like what I have told earlier, most flea collars today have been designed to be dog-friendly. Usually, they should not make your dog feel irritable or sickly.

Problems only arise when you let your dog flea on the chew on the collar. Depending on the chemicals used in the collar, upsets and other complications can happen on your dog. You better bring your dog to a veterinary if ever this thing will happen to your pet.

Q: How long a flea collar lasts?
A: Contrary to popular belief, flea collars don’t have a lasting effect. In fact, you will be surprised that the most effective of them can only run for as long as eight months. After all, the chemicals and components that have been integrated on the collar are limited. Over time, they will gradually run out. It is for that reason why constant replacement is necessary.

For now, most flea collars in the market can have a lifespan of six to eight months. While it is true that others claim that they can last over a year, I still feel doubtful about them. You just have to settle on options that have limited duration because they are the ones that are not deceiving you.

If you are looking for the safest route, a collar that can provide 8 month flea protection should be prioritized.

Q: Can all dogs wear a flea collar?
A: Well, that’s something that I cannot assure. Although flea collar is rated to be safe, there are some circumstances where they use are completely discouraged. For instance, many veterinarians prohibit the use of flea collars to dogs that are pregnant or too old. Nursing dogs have sensitive bodies, so you have to avoid putting flea collars on them.


If you don’t want to avoid flea problems, you have to take extra measures to keep these creatures away from your dog. Having the best flea collar for puppies is an effective solution that you can implement so that you can prevent such a situation from happening. I know that you repulsed when seeing fleas in sight. Just imagine the horror that your dog experiences while these fleas and ticks are attacking them.

I do suggest that you invest in this particular dog accessory to keep the health and wellness of your dog. It gives you a sense of confidence that even amidst the threat, your dog is safe and flea-free.

That’s it for now. If you have questions, just drop them in the comment section below.




Best Bedding For Puppy 2020 – Buying Guide & FAQs

Dogs are arguably man’s greatest friend. The only way to repay their loyalty and unconditional love is to tend and care for them sufficiently. Puppies are usually delicate and very vulnerable to diseases during the first six months after birth. They deserve the best bedding to keep them warm, clean and comfortable.

best bedding for puppy

Any responsible dog owner should be aware of how crucial sleep is to the health and wellbeing of these furry friends. Thus, the best bedding for puppies should be designed to accommodate their needs and facilitate their transformation into adulthood. This article provides an insightful guide on buying the best bedding for puppies.

Best Bedding For Puppies Reviews 2019

1. MidWest Deluxe Bolster Pet Bed for Dogs & Cats

MidWest Deluxe Bolster Pet bed is among the most comfortable beddings for puppies in the market right now. It offers an opulent resting place for the young furry friends thanks to a thickly cushioned structure. Other than that, the bedding is foldable making it ideal for dog houses, dog carriers and metal dog crates.

On the same note, I love the bedding as it can be carried around with ease. What I like about the bedding is its enhanced comfort owing to the thick polyester padding around its perimeter.  The polyester-packed bolsters around the perimeter serve as headrests.  Its shape and size is large enough to accommodate the biggest dog breeds.

With a length of 22” the bedding would be sufficient for a dog weighing up to 12 pounds. Nonetheless, the bedding is available in other sizes ranging between 18 to 54 inches.  Another reason why I recommend the bedding for your puppy is that it is machine washable. This way you will not have to worry about cleaning or keeping the bedding tidy.

To top it off, the bedding is quite durable not to mention the fact that it is pocket-friendly. The only downside of the bed is that it is not god for puppies with separation anxiety or excessive chewers as they might destroy it.


  • Quality stitching
  • Quality construction
  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Completely machine washable
  • Thickly padded
  • Ideal for carrier crates
  • Soft and comfortable


  • The bed tends to shed a lot
  • It is not good for excessive chewers

2. K&H Manufacturing K&H Pet Products Self-Warming Lounge Sleeper Pet Bed

If you are in search of durable and comfortable animal bedding for puppies then I would recommend the K&H self-warming lounge sleeper. It is constructed to keep your little furry friend warm, safe and comfortable throughout the years. This is thanks to an incredible self-warming feature that is not dependent on electricity.

Comfort is unquestionable as it is made from a blend of cotton and polyester material. The inner side is gentle on puppy skin as it is lined with microfleece. It features a soft pillow that is covered with a metalized insulation which prevents puppies from losing heat during the cold season.

Besides being cozy, the bed also turns out to be completely machine-washable. The latest versions have a detachable inner lining for easy cleaning.  Another remarkable aspect of the bedding is that it is made from environmentally friendly polyfil processed from recycled plastic bottles.

For stability, the bed is fitted with a layer of non-slip fabric. Finally, it comes in different colors and sizes to suit every puppy.


  • Completely machine washable
  • Fitted with non-slip bottom that enhances stability
  • Guarantees warmth throughout the year
  • Made from premium and durable material
  • Well cushioned


  • The inner inside is not thickly cushioned or padded
  • The inner lining is not removable for this version

3. Sofantex Pet Bed

Sofantex Pet bed is a high caliber pet bed loaded with excellent features. It is perfect for puppies and small-to-medium dogs. It features ultra-soft interior lining that guarantees a luxurious resting experience for your puppy.

To add on that, its inner space is wide enough for puppies to curl up in different comfortable positions. I like the bed because it is machine washable thus you will have an easy time cleaning it.

The bedding will surely exceed your expectations in terms of durability as it is constructed with quality material. Additionally, it is stitched together sturdily to ensure that it serves your puppy for long.


  • Durable
  • Machine washable
  • Pocket friendly
  • Spacious
  • Comfortable


  • I dislike the its structures as it does not hold the shape of the bed

4. Best Friends by Sheri OrthoComfort Deep Dish Cuddler

With an innovative design and ample resting space, the Best Friends by Sheri OrthoComfort Deep Dish Cuddler is indeed safe puppy bedding. Its versatile construction, with higher and thicker walls provides sufficient support that alleviates pressure on the joints and generates additional support for your young pet.

Robust stitching around the walls ensures that the bed retains its structure hence boosting durability. Furthermore, the bed’s size allows your puppy to sleep in any position. Still, the bed comes with deep crevices where you puppy can burrow and nuzzle.

Besides that, the bed includes soft fabric extra comfort. Similarly, it features sturdy nylon fabric that keeps out water and dirt. Nylon also eliminates any growth of mildew that is dangerous for the puppy.

For easy maintenance and cleaning, the bed is completely machine-washable. This way you will not have to worry about bad odor or disgusting hair. Additionally, the bed is built to accommodate different pet sizes owing to its flexible construction.


  • It is easy to wash and maintain
  • Safe and secure for puppies
  • Spacious
  • Made from durable materials
  • Strong stitching retains its structure
  • Features versatile construction
  • Has thick and high walls for support
  • Comes with a waterproof bottom


  • It is not long lasting

5. MidWest Homes for Pets Bed

The MidWest Homes for Pets Bed is extensively cushioned to provide five star comfort. This is attributed to extensive padding as well as a soft inner lining. The bed incorporates high walls for support. I think it deserves a spot among the best animal begging for puppies.

It comes in a variety of sizes suitable for any puppy size. Cleaning the beg is easy and effortless as it is drier safe and machine washable. To add on that, the bed is safe and secure for puppies since it is fitted with a non-slip bottom.

Nonetheless, the bed’s size is perfect for standard dog crates. The quality of the bedding is non-questionable as it is made from premium polyfiber that holds the structure together for long.


  • Made from quality material
  • It offers unparalleled comfort
  • Available in different sizes
  • Has a non-slip bottom for stability
  • Ideal for standard dog crates
  • Easy to wash and clean


  • Some dog owners complain that the bed is not well cushioned

6. Spring Fever Rabbit Dog Cat Pet Bed

What I like about the Spring Fever Rabbit Dog Cat Pet Bed is the warmth and coziness that it provides to young dogs. Its interior is lined by the finest and softest fabric making it ideal bedding for 4 week old puppies.

Comfort and security is further elevated by high and thick walls that provides support. Durability is worth dying for as it is constructed with quality materials. Nonetheless, the bed is easy to carry around thanks to a strategically fitted holder on its top.

Stability is enhanced by an antiskid bottom that ensures that your puppy rests peacefully and undisturbed. Another incredible attribute about the bed is that it is water resistant hence your puppy will always remain dry and comfortable even on a wet floor.


  • Made with quality material
  • Spacious
  • Has an antiskid bottom for stability
  • Comfortable interior
  • Integrated holder for easy carrying
  • It is water resistant


  • It is hard to clean

7. Animal Planet Cuddly Pet Bed

As much as your puppy needs a comfy bed, it is important for you to buy one that compliments your home decor. Luckily, the Animal Planet Cuddly pet bed comes in a neutral color that is compliments all interior designs. The bed features a uniquely designed inner surface that provides ample space and support.

It also has bolstered sides that boost the comfort level for your puppy. I think it is one of the most durable bedding for 4week old puppies as it is constructed with an anti-wear bottom.

In addition to that, the bed is soft and warm providing ideal conditions for your pup to grow up healthy. Moreover, you will not have to worry about drools, fur or stains as it is machine washable and easy to dry.


  • Durable
  • Has an anti-wear bottom
  • Thickly padded interior for comfort
  • Machine washable
  • Has neutral color that compliments any home décor
  • Spacious


  • Tends to be too fluffy hence its structure does not hold

8. KOJIMA Cute Color Shark Round House Puppy Bed

Just like other puppy beddings on this list, the Kojima cute shark round house puppy bed is constructed to accommodate your puppy’s interests.  This is reflected in its unique design that creates a roomy inner surface.

It is made a combination of fiber and oxford cloth materials that are strong and super fine. The inner surface is lined with ultra-soft cotton fillers that offer world class coziness. It is perfect for all seasons owing to its self-warming mechanism.

Another superior feature is the thick stuffing on the inner surface that elevates comfort for your little dog. To add on that, the bed has a detachable cushion that makes it easy to maintain. The bed is machine-washable. For security, the bed has an anti-slip bottom that is also waterproof.


  • Self-warming
  • Thickly stuffed for comfort
  • Machine washable
  • Has an anti-slip bottom
  • Waterproof
  • Durable


  • The materials from which the bed is made contain chemicals that cause irritation

9. K&H Pet Products Ortho Bolster Sleeper Orthopedic Dog Bed

The K&H Pet Products Ortho Bolster Sleeper Orthopedic Dog Bed is a top quality product defined by exemplary coziness. I like the detachable and machine washable cover that makes it easy to clean and maintain the bed.

The bed comes with a polyfil-filled bolster for enhanced comfort and security. For a luxurious experience, the bed lies on a thick medical grade orthopedic foam. Cleaning the foam is equally easy as it can be unzipped from its cover.

On the same note, the inner surface is lined with soft micro flees and premium velvet. A combination of the two transforms into kingly opulence for your pup. Additionally, its structure is held in place by sturdy stitching around its perimeter.

The sleeping space is adequate and comfy allowing your pup to rest in any position. This aids in decompressing the head and neck in addition to minimizing pressure on the joints.


  • Easy to wash and maintain
  • Detachable covers
  • Thick orthopedic foam and overfilled bolsters for comfort
  • Made from premium materials
    Secure for puppies
  • Soft inner lining


  • The inner lining becomes stiff after using for a while
  • It is not water proof hence the foam soaks when placed on a wet floor

10. BarksBar Gray Orthopedic Dog Bed

Puppies need a warm, dry and comfortable bed for a peaceful sleep as well as sufficient rest. All this contribute to a puppy’s wellbeing and the BarksBar Gray Orthopedic Dog bed is engineered towards providing such conditions for your furry friend.

This is reflected in its luxurious design suitable for puppies. The bed comes with comfy orthopedic foam that alleviates pressure on the joints. Alongside that is a rim cushion that is cotton padded for extra comfort.

Its high and thickly padded walls enhance support that is required by pups. Plus the walls are engineered to align with the pup’s neck and head which heightens the comfort. Nevertheless, the bed includes a removable cover that is machine washable.

Still, the cover is quilted gray; a neutral color that will superbly compliments a home décor of any kind. For optimal stability and security on tiles or wood floor, the bed is fitted with non-slip rubber at the bottom.

It is among the best bedding for litter of puppies owing to its spacious inner structure.


  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Fitted with a non-slip rubber at the bottom for support
  • Thickly padded walls
  • Comfy inner structure
  • Made with quality material
  • Spacious for a litter of puppies
  • Color compliments with home décor


  • Does not retains its shape due to insufficient stuffing

Factors to consider when buying a bedding for puppy


Below is a list of some of the factors that you should keep in mind while buying a bed for your puppy(s):


The size of your dog matters when it comes to beddings. You need a bed that is proportional to your puppy’s size. This way it will be effective in providing warmth, support and comfort to your furry friend. Always pay attention to the inner dimensions of the bed. You should ensure that the bed is proportional to your house too. A bed that is too big may interfere with your operational space within the house. Therefore, shop with your puppy’s size in mind.


It would be illogical to assume that the bed of an adult dog will be the same as that of a puppy. Puppies need a bed that is designed to suit their needs in terms of size and activity level. Age determines the size, behavior and activity level of a dog. Puppies have a higher activity level compared to grown dogs. They also chew on stuff and may need a bed that is strong, durable. New born puppies are delicate and require support and security. The best bedding for newborn puppies ought to be warm, soft and comfy.


It is common belief that costly products are more durable. This could not be further from the truth. However, you can still find durable and super functional puppy beds at a pocket-friendly price. Before buying any bed for your puppy, it is crucial to check out the features or refer to what other customers have to say regarding the product. Make sure you do not spend a fortune on a bed that you will have to replace after a few months.


A dog’s character as well as its ultimate size and personality is anchored on its breed. This is reflected in the temperament, activity level, eating and sleeping habits. There is also the issue about shedding and the coat. Some dogs like to be covered when sleeping, while others prefer to snuggle or tunnel. Thus, it is vital to know the characteristics of your puppy in order to buy a bed that will comfort to its needs.


Most big chewers tend to be victims of separation anxiety. Biting onto something alleviates the tension that comes with it. Such puppies will destroy a poorly stitched bed in a very short time. If your pup has this problem then it would be wise to go for a bed that is made with strong materials to sustain occasional bites. Beds with wooden or wicker frames encourage chewing.


Nesting is synonymous with expectant mothers although some puppies do it in a bid to get warmer or get comfortable. If little pooch tends to dig into the inner surface of the bed then it would be wise to avoid puppy beds with detachable inner cushions.


There are different styles with which the best bedding for puppies are made. Perhaps the most common ones are stretched, curled, flat or those with sides. These designs are geared towards accommodating different sleeping positions. While some dogs love to curl up when sleeping others prefer to lay out straight. You ought to be keen and observe your dog’s sleeping position before choosing the right design for your pooch. Beds with raised sides offer more support and ensure that your puppy feels secure. Nonetheless, other puppies are more comfortable on a flat bed with no surrounding walls.

Interior design

It makes sense to buy a dog bed that matches your home décor. Most dog beds feature neutral colors that easily complement any interior design. Besides color, you may also want the material on the beds to be similar with what you have in the house. Take time to choose the perfect pattern, color or material for harmony.

Dog crates

Another attribute that you should keep in mind while buying a bed for your puppy is whether you will need it to fit in a crate. Dog crates enhance a dog’s security and make it easy for you to carry your pet around. It is important to ensure that the bed is flexible enough and it can fit into a crate in case you have one.


A clean bed promotes a puppy’s wellbeing. Such beds lack parasites or other infection causing organisms that are known to trigger itchiness and skin irritation in puppies. Cleaning also ensures that your house is free of any hair, dirt or smell that might emanate from the bed. This is why you should opt for a bed that is easy to wash, dry and maintain. It would be better if the bed is machine washable.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is bedding for puppies?

The best bedding for puppies is anchored on the pup’s size, age as well as other needs. Such types of beddings are essentially designed for optimal comfort of the young and delicate pooch. For this reasons, the bedding is meant to be multifunctional. Besides aiding in heat retention, the bedding also absorbs body fluids like urine. This helps to keep the puppies safe and comfortable.

Types of beddings for puppies

  • Nest beds

Unlike the standard dog beds, nest dog beds are fitted with bolsters or rims around their perimeter hence raining the edges. The rims or bolsters make the beds secure besides providing support. Just like the name suggests, they inner surface is structures like a nest making them comfy allowing puppies to curl or lean on the surrounding bolster walls.

  • Heated beds

Heated dog beds are excellent animal bedding for puppies. They guarantee controlled warmth at all times making them the best bedding for new born puppies. Warmth is vital during the cold season for a puppy’s survival.

  • Donut beds

They are almost similar to nest beds owing to the stuffed bolsters and raised edges. Moreover, the beds come in oval or round shape which allows puppies to sleep in different positions. Kingly opulence is guaranteed with donut dog beds.

  • Covered beds

Hooded or covered dog beds are the best bedding for litter of puppies. They allow puppies to snuggle up and retain their warmth. The beds are ideal for young furry friends in cold weather.

Benefits of proper bedding for puppies?

  • Promotes a healthy physique

Sufficient rest or sleep is good for a dog’s well-being particularly when young. Beds provide better sleeping positions for puppies which is good for their posture. It also supports their joints neck and head.

  • Keeps them warm

As much as they might have a thick layer of fur or coat, puppies still need a bed to remain insulated and retain heat especially during the cold season. Heated or self-warming beds might be good for younger canines.

  • For comfort

The best bedding for puppies provide comfort which transforms into better sleep and a healthy life in the long run.


It is vital for you to buy the right bed for your little canine as its survival may depend on it. There are different types of beds that you can buy depending on the needs of your puppies. Other than providing and retaining warmth, the best bedding for puppies should be secure, comfortable and easy to clean.


Best Food for American Bully Puppy 2019 – Top Picks

Proper nutrition transforms into better appearance and overall well-being for any canine. American Bully puppies are no different. The American Bully falls in the same class with pitbull. These can dogs grow into monstrous furry friends from tiny and helpless creatures if they are well taken care of.

In order to attain their full size, American Bully puppies ought to be kept on a protein-rich diet as they need to grow and develop muscles. This can be achieved through supplements or food specially made to suit their nutritional needs. Let us check out some of the best foods for American Bully puppy.

Best Food for American Bully Puppy Reviews 2018

1. Bully Max High Performance Super Premium Dog Food

I think this is by far the best premium food for American Bully puppies. The performance based food is created to suit the growing and developments needs of your American Bully puppy. This is thanks to a remarkable combination of top quality ingredients made largely of real meat that is healthy and pet-friendly.

Meat is easy to digest and does not trigger any life-threatening allergies. Moreover, it is a huge source of amino acids that play a crucial role in the development of muscles. I love the nutrient composition of the package as it provides 535 calories for every cup alongside 20% more fat and 30% more protein than other foods.

Besides that, the food lacks plant-based ingredients like soy and wheat. Nonetheless, its ingredients are natural and organic not to mention the fact that the food does not have any preservatives, colors or artificial flavors.

The main reason why you should buy this food is that it comes with a 5-star rated performance unlike any other dog food in its class.


  • Made for natural and pet-friendly ingredients
  • Has no plant-based ingredients like soy
  • Meat-based formula
  • Contains 20% more fat and 30% more protein
  • Performance based food
  • Provides 535 calories per cup


  • Pricey


2. Victor Dog Food Select Beef Meal And Brown Rice

Victor Dog Food Select Beef Meal And Brown Rice is another healthy food for your American Bully puppy. What I find impressive about this dog food is that it is balanced and complete.

It has high meat content including fish, beef and pork which are combined with other quality ingredients to provide a wholesome meal for your puppy. All this are natural and organic.

Other than that, it is created to meet the nutritional needs of large sized dogs such as the American Bully puppies. This includes 23% protein which is good for puppy growth and development.

It also provides minerals, vitamins and fatty acids to facilitate puppy growth and development. Nonetheless, the dog food is available in a variety of flavors depending on the main meat product.


  • Made from high quality ingredients
  • Pet friendly
  • Comes in different flavors
  • Made with beef meal and brown rice formula
  • Formulated for puppy growth and development


  • Pricey

3. Orijen Large Breed Dry Puppy Food

The Orijen Large Breed Dry Puppy Food is made with the interests of puppies at heart. It contains deboned meat making it perfect for puppies that have underdeveloped teeth and gum. Bones can result in injury for maturing American Bully puppies. However, that is not the case in this scenario.

Other than that, the food contains no grains which are perfect for pups with digestion problems. Similarly, its main ingredients include whole eggs, locally sourced meats, whole Atlantic mackerel as well as deboned turkey and chicken. All this are excellent sources of proteins and amino acids that help in growth and developments.

For a balanced diet, the food includes fruits and vegetable which are equally rich in nutrients. Most, if not all of the ingredients are sourced naturally, thus ensuring that the food is healthy.


  • Offers a protein rich balanced diet
  • Pure and naturally sourced ingredients
  • Healthy organic ingredients
  • Grain free


  • Pricey
  • Contains preservatives and artificial flavors which may be toxic


4. Bully Max All-in-one pack (Dog Food & Supplements)

The Bully Max All-in-one pack is another performance based dog supplement ideal for malnourished and underdeveloped American Bully puppies. Besides that, the food promotes buildup of muscles and also boosts the immune system.

I like the Bully Max All-in-one pack since it is composed of naturally sourced ingredients. This makes it safe for consumption for dogs at any age without fear of any adverse side effects.

To add on that, the supplement only takes only three weeks to manifest and for the results to show. The effects of the supplement remain intact even when you cease administering it to you pup. It is the kind of supplements you need for American Bully puppy training.


  • Made from natural and healthy ingredients
  • Results remain when you stop using it
  • Takes three weeks to work
  • Boosts growth and immune system
  • Has no side effects
  • Good for puppies at any age


  • Pricey


5. Victor Dog Food Grain-Free Active Dog and Puppy Beef Meal and Sweet Potato

The American Bully food chat ought to contain huge amounts of proteins considering that they are huge dogs. Victor Dog Food Grain-Free Active Dog and Puppy is made to take care of the immense amount of nutrients required to get American Bully puppies to full size.

It is composed of 33% protein not to mention the fact that it has not grains. This is because some dogs tend to be sensitive to proteins from grains. The protein is made of a combination of fish, chicken, pork and beef.

The remaining ingredients are organic sweet potato and peas which supply carbohydrates for a balanced diet. For easy digestion, the food includes additives which also improve the immune system.


  • High meat content
  • Complete balanced with proteins and carbohydrates
  • Has no grains
  • Made with safe and healthy ingredients
  • Contains 33% proteins


  • Pricey
  • Poor packaging


6. Maximum Bully Elite K9 Nutrition Chicken and Pork Dog Food

Besides being a premium dog food, there are several appealing reasons why I would recommend the Maximum Bully Elite K9 Nutrition Chicken and Pork Dog Food for your pup. Perhaps the most interesting attribute is the 32% protein and 22% protein composition that ensures adequate supply of proteins and fats in the diet.

In addition to that, the food is made up of yeast protein that plays a big role in general health improvement as well as development of robust muscles. Likewise, the food features a wide variety of sources for vitamins, amino acids and other nutrients.

All this are integral creating a balanced diet for American Bully pups. Nevertheless, the food has proven to be very pet friendly and gentle on the digestive system all thanks to a number of fiber rich ingredients including cranberry, pumpkin, oatmeal and probiotics.

Other essential ingredients are real pork and real chicken. It is also impressive to know that the dog food is made of natural products with no traces of additives or other processing chemicals.



  • Five-star rated performance
  • Composed of yeast proteins
  • Provides 481 calories per cup
  • Composed of 22% fat and 32% protein
  • Gentle on the digestive system
  • Nutritious


  • Some dogs with sensitive tummies experience vomiting and diarrhea

7. Nulo Puppy Food Grain Free Dry Food with BC30 Probiotic and DHA

This dog food is rich in body building nutrients ideal for underdeveloped puppies. It is composed of a combination of canned and kibble recipes that are grain free for quality nutrition.

Nonetheless, the food is pet friendly owing to the fact that it contains no preservatives, flavorings and artificial colors. It is defined by a high-meat formula that provides sufficient proteins and amino acids, nutrients that promote strong immunity.

Moreover, it features other healthy ingredients such as turkey, lentils, peas and salmon that are energy packed. The food also has a lactic-acid producing bacteria that boosts immune response and enhances metabolism.

Similarly, this dog food comes with patented BC30 Probiotic which makes the digestion process smooth and flawless. Additionally, Nulo Puppy Food Grain contains DHA what enhances cognitive development for puppies.

The protein rich food is also rich in phosphorus and calcium which accelerate structural and skeletal development. They also aid in transmission of nerve impulses and blood coagulation.


  • Grain free
  • Healthy and pet friendly
  • Made up of 84% proteins from real meat
  • Made from quality and natural ingredients
  • Has patented BC30 Probiotic for easy digestion
  • Contains DHA fatty acids that support puppy growth and brain development
  • Contains calcium and phosphorus for strong bones and teeth
  • Rich in energy


  • It is poorly packaged


8. Stella & Chewy’s Freeze-Dried Raw

There is something unique about raw dog food and Stella and Chewy’s Freeze offers exactly that. The most impressive aspect of the food is that it is provides natural and wholesome nutrition for your puppy. Nonetheless, the food is grain free ensuring that you puppy gets sufficient proteins for proper growth and development.

Its ingredients are not only quality but also pure and organic. I like raw food as it is suitable for puppies with sensitive tummies or those with food allergies. This food includes real meat, bones and other organs that form over 90% of animal protein in the food.

In addition to that, the food also includes organic veggies and fruits that complete a balanced diet. Besides that Stella & Chewy’s Freeze does not come with artificial flavors or other food additives and chemicals.

To top it off, no preparations like preheating are required when feeding the food to your puppy as it comes ready for eating.


  • Made from certified organic vegetable and fruits
  • Contains 95% organs, bone and meat
  • Composed of raw and natural proteins
  • Suitable for puppies with sensitive stomachs
  • Comes with additional minerals and vitamins for a balanced diet
  • It is grain free
  • Rich with antioxidants and probiotics


  • Dog parents find its smell unpleasant


9. Muscle Bully Protein Supplement for Dogs

If you are in search for an efficient supplement to sustain and promote growth for your little furry friend then the Muscle Bully Protein Supplement for Dogs would be perfect. I love the product as it is specifically formulated for Bullies.

It comes with tones of active proteins and vitamins that support muscle growth and structural development. Active ingredients are easy to breakdown and digest. You can also use the supplement in case your pup is sickly, weak and underdeveloped.
The supplement is quite healthy and secure for your pup as it contains no artificial flavors, salt or sugar. For easy and accurate serving, the pack comes with a free scoop. Nonetheless, it can be served to puppies at any age. In addition to that, the product has creapure a top quality creatine that supplies energy and improves your dog’s strength.


  • Highly effective
  • Specially formulated for Bullies
  • Meant for malnourished and underdeveloped puppies
  • Suitable for puppies at any age
  • Contains creapure
  • Promotes structural and muscle growth
  • Made from natural ingredients
  • Comes with a free scoop
  • Contains no sugar
  • Has not salt
  • Lack artificial flavors
  • Contains active proteins


  • I dislike the product as it only contains proteins making it ineffective as a mass gainer

10. Bully Max The Ultimate Canine Supplement

I would recommend you to buy this dog food for a number of reasons. To begin with, it is formulated to suit the nutritional needs of large dogs like American Bullies. The food is loaded with muscle building proteins drawn from natural products.

Besides that, it features a variety of aromas, flavors and colors that make it easy for puppies to ingest. To add on that, the food is pet-friendly with no side effects like vomiting or diarrhea. Bully Max tablets are known to boost muscle growth and development as puppies advance into adulthood.

Additionally, the food boosts a puppy’s immune system thus eliminating any risk of disease. Still, this dog food has proven to raise vision and improve metabolism for puppies in addition to promoting muscle development. Bully Max also elevates coat health and nourishes the skin. I think this is the perfect option to suppliant you puppy’s diet for accelerated growth.


  • Made from natural ingredients
  • Pet-friendly
  • Promotes muscle growth


  • Some pets have shown sensitivity towards the tablets


Factors to consider when buying food for American Bully puppies

Below are essential factors that you should keep in mind while buying food for your American Bully puppy.

  • Age

Puppies undergo different stages as they transform into adulthood. The level of activity and metabolism varies with age. All this stages require a unique diet and nutrition for complete transformation. There are age specific foods that you should buy depending on your puppy’s age.

  • Activity level

American Bully puppies love to play and explore their environment. This heightens their level of activity. Therefore, they need a bigger supply of energy giving foods like fats and carbohydrates to sustain their level of activity.

  • Food Allergies

The most common symptoms of allergies among dogs are redness of skin, itching, poor coat quality, skin infections and frequent body scratching.  Any responsible dog parent should take note of any hypersensitivity that a puppy may have towards certain foods.  Thus, be on the lookout for such symptoms and avoid foods with ingredients that may trigger allergies.

  • Ingredients

As mentioned in the point above, some dogs may be allergic towards some ingredients. On the same note, some pups experience diarrhea and vomiting after eating some foods. You should be vigilant of such scenarios. Artificial ingredients may also have negative effects. Make sure you get what is right for your little furry friend.

  • Size

American Bully puppies are bound to get large in size. But then, there is the risk of overfeeding your puppy. You can check its size to ascertain the ideal amount of food that us suitable. It is crucial to feed your pup with the right food proportion to avoid making it overweight.

  • Expiry Date

The expiry date indicates when the food will go bad. A puppy’s survival depends on the prevailing health and sanitation conditions. Expired food is poisonous for humans and dogs alike.

Ensure that you confirm the expiry date before buying. Similarly, do not buy foods with no date labeling or the packaging date. Perishable foods live vegetables need to be consumed faster. Such precautions eliminate any risk of food poisoning, vomiting or diarrhea.

  • Digestibility

Generally puppies need food that is easy to chew and digest. It is important to know how your dog eats in order to determine the ideal foods to buy. Home-made foods are not easy to digest or chew – compared to premium foods -especially for puppies.

  • Feeding schedule

You should be aware of your Bully puppy’s feeding patterns while shopping for food. This caters for pups with dietary needs. The same applies for puppies with digestion problems. Feeding special pups the right foods at the right time helps in alleviating such problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a food for american bully puppy?

It should be mainly composed of proteins for quick growth. Otherwise, Bully puppies also rely on a consistent supply of carbohydrates, fats, minerals and other nutrients to grow and remain healthy.

Benefits of a food for American bully puppy?

American Bully puppies need to eat a balanced diet so as to get sufficient nutrients to facilitate their growth. Below are some of the benefits that American bully puppies draw from a balanced diet:

  • Vitamins: a balanced diet should contain lots of vitamins. This includes vitamins E which are known to elevate a puppy’s immune system. On the other hand, vitamin A nourishes skin and hair. Vegetable and fruits are rich in vitamins.
  • Fats: As much as fats are associated with obesity, there are some good fats that may be beneficial for a puppy’s well-being. Good fats help in food consumption and improve appetite. Puppies that eat good fats tend to have good hair coats. The fats also improve a puppy’s physical exertion. Such fats can be found in fish oil, cotton seeds, soybeans, chicken and vegetable.
  • Minerals: minerals play a big role in the growth and development of a Bully puppy. Some of the vital minerals that Bully puppies need are phosphorus, chloride, magnesium, sodium and potassium. Such minerals can be found in grains, fruits, vegetables, legumes and meat.
  • Protein: Proteins are body building foods and Bully puppies need a constant supply of this food to attain their full size. This is owing to the fact that they contain amino acids that strengthen muscles, repair worn out tissues and develop the tissues as well. They can be found in meat products, eggs and meat.
  • Carbohydrates: dogs are known to be very active when young and American bully puppies are not exceptional. They need a constant supply of carbohydrates for adequate energy to facilitate their play time. Carbohydrates are loaded to tons of energy for puppies. Some of the best sources of carbohydrates include corn, rice, oats and wheat.
  • Fiber: Normally fiber does not get broken down during the digestion process. Moreover, fiber supplies no nutrients but aids in digestion. However, it eliminates the risk of diarrhea and constipation among Bully puppies.  Thus puppy food should have traces of fiber for smooth digestion
  • Calcium: Strong bones and teeth are essential for a dog’s survival. Calcium specializes in development of teeth and the bone structure. It is important for Bully puppies to have enough calcium as they grow. Excellent sources of calcium include green beans, canned fish, low-fat, milk and okra.

Types of food for American bully puppies

  • Premium foods

Premium American bully puppy food stands out for its quality. These foods can be purchased at grocery markets or stores. The foods are easy to chew and digest. They are composed of multiple ingredients which make up a more balanced meal for American Bully puppies.

Nonetheless, some brands are customized to meet a puppy’s age, level of activity, temperament and nutritional requirement. The only disadvantage of premium foods is that they are pricey and may contain unhealthy chemicals.

  • Raw Foods

Just as the name alludes, raw dog foods are served to American Bully puppies and eat while uncooked. Raw foods are some of the best dog food for American bully puppies. There are several meals that fall under the raw foods including fresh fruits and vegetables.

Other than that, some organic foods fall under this category too. Some of them are salmon, turkey, eggs, yogurt and pork.  The most unique aspect regarding these foods is that they do no undergo processing. This exempts them from chemicals, preservatives, additives and other by-products.

Foods free of such agents are healthy for American Bully puppies. They fortify their immune systems alongside increasing their reproductive capabilities when they grow older. Raw foods also strengthen their gums, teeth, shoulder muscles and jaws. On the flip side, raw foods are associated with bacteria. Still, most raw food are composed of proteins hence making meals unbalanced.

  • Homemade foods

Rather than buy American bully puppy food, parents can make meals at home. There are different American bully food recipes depending on the ingredients used. Homemade dog meals could be composed of a single or multiple ingredients.

Some of the common ingredients for homemade dog foods include fruits, meat and vegetables. These ingredients could make stews, soups and solid meals. However, every meal should incorporate all nutrients to remain balanced.

As much as your Bully puppy may require nutrients to develop, adequate physical exercise is also necessary for growth and general well-being. The best food for American Bully puppy should not trigger any side effects. Above all ensure that you select food that is not just nutritious for your pup but also safe and pet-friendly.

Best Shampoo for German Shepherd Puppy

German shepherds are huge dogs with a double coat of medium length. Occasional grooming is necessary to achieve that thick, shiny and healthy coat for these massive furry friends. Among the key German shepherd washing tips is using the appropriate shampoo. This is particularly vital for puppies as they have a delicate skin that requires tender caring. The best shampoo for German shepherd puppies should be gentle on their delicate skin in addition to cleaning effectively. Most vets recommend shampoos with natural and organic ingredients as they do not harm skin or coat even after repeated use. For a more insightful approach on the subject, let us review the best shampoo for German shepherd puppies and also break down frequent queries on the same.

5 Best Shampoo for German Shepherd Puppy

1. 4-Legger Certified Organic Dog Shampoo

Nothing gives your German shepherd puppy that smooth, shiny and healthy coat like the 4-legger certified organic dog shampoo. I like it due to its unique composition of all natural ingredients. This way, you do not have to worry about paraben, phosphates and sulfate that would otherwise irritate and harm your pooch’s skin. Additionally, natural ingredients are environment-friendly. Moving on, the 4-legger certified shampoo is hypoallergic making it perfect for pups with allergies or sensitive skin. Aloe vera and lemongrass are gentle on the pup’s skin in addition to being rich with healing properties. Moreover, the two ingredients are known to be natural moisturizers. That is why I recommend the shampoo for dogs with itchy or dry skin. The shampoo is also perfect for dogs with fleas. It lathers easily and rinses off fast, which makes grooming easy. Besides that, the shampoo comes with a strong fragrance that will not only eliminate the wet dog smell but also keep its skin smelling fresh for long. To top it off, the shampoo has a well-balanced pH.


  • Made from all-natural ingredients
  • Hypo allergic
  • Lathers easily
  • Biodegradable
  • Balanced pH
  • Non-toxic


  • Its scent may be too much
  • Tends to be too strong for dogs with hypersensitive skin

2. Earthbath All Natural Pet Shampoo

The Earthbath all natural pet shampoo outperforms other dog shampoos on many fronts. Perhaps the most outstanding feature is the all-natural ingredients, an attribute that very few dog shampoos can boast of in the market today. Therefore, it is not only gentle on a puppy’s skin but also safe and 100 percent biodegradable. Moreover, the shampoo is free of any thickeners and soaps that might cause irritation. I love the shampoo as it is strongly scented with vanilla and oatmeal fragrance to provide your puppy with a fresh smell after a bath. That is not all; the shampoo incorporates a unique cleaning formula with aloe vera and oatmeal at its core. The two natural ingredients ensure that your puppy is effectively cleaned. Nonetheless, it also promotes healing and alleviates skin irritation. With this shampoo, dry skin will be a thing of the past as aloe vera is a natural moisturizer. Lastly, its pH is well balanced to suit the need of the delicate puppy skin.


  • pH balanced
  • Features natural ingredients
  • Soap-free
  • Deodorized for fresh after-bath smell
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Effective
  • Gentle on puppy skin
  • Promotes healing
  • Safe
  • Has natural moisturizers


  • Only recommended for puppies above 6 weeks
  • Does not lather easily

3. Healthy Breeds Tearless Puppy Shampoo & Conditioner

If you are looking for a safe, gentle and effective shampoo for your little furry friend then I would suggest the healthy breeds tearless puppy shampoo. The shampoo has proven to be one of the best flea shampoos for German shepherds. It is best suited for puppies that are about 4 weeks of age and beyond. Furthermore, the shampoo is free of any irritant and chemicals thus making it extremely pet-friendly. On the same note, its conditioning formulae is well balanced ensuring that the shampoo does not erode natural oils from the dog’s skin. Similarly, the shampoo comes with organic ingredients including gentle proteins, lanolin and aloe vera that reduce itching, promote healing alongside keeping the skin moisturized. Nevertheless, the shampoo can be used with topical flea control agents. Moving on, it is made in the USA which implies that quality is unquestionable.


  • Pet-friendly
  • Composed of organic ingredients
  • Effective cleaning formulae
  • Balanced pH
  • Suitable for 4 week old puppies and above


  • Not good for puppies with allergies or sensitive skin

4. Burt’s Bees for Dogs All-Natural Shampoos and Conditioners

Besides being environment friendly, the Burt’s Bees puppy shampoo is safe for young furry friends. It is composed of natural ingredients implying that your pup will not be exposed to toxic sulfates, paraben, colorants and other chemicals. The shampoo features buttermilk that is soothing to the skin in addition to softening the puppy’s hair. Alongside that comes linseed oil which is known to cleanse and condition a dog’s coat. Unlike human shampoo that might harm the pup’s skin by altering skin pH, this shampoo is balanced to gently tend to the pup’s skin. Moreover, the shampoo is infused with a moderate smelling scent that eliminates foul smell from your pup’s hair replacing it with a fresh fragrance after a bath. Another reason why you should buy this shampoo lies in the fact that it lathers easily. The shampoo can be used in conjunction with a shedding rake for german shepherd puppies.


  • pH balanced
  • Suitable for puppies at all ages
  • Features all natural ingredients
  • Biodegradable
  • Bottle is recyclable
  • Pocket friendly
  • Lathers easily


  • It does not wash off easily
  • Some dog owners complain of dandruff after using the shampoo

5. Healthy Breeds Dog Deodorizing Shampoo

Grooming a German shepherd puppy with allergies can be challenging. It is important to choose a shampoo that is not only gentle but also one with hypoallergenic properties to tend to the sensitive skin. One such shampoo is the Healthy Breeds Deodorizing Shampoo. It is recommended by vets for puppies with itchy skin, sensitive skin and allergies. I think it is one of the best hypo allergic shampoos owing to its soap free formulation. Moreover, it is infused with sweet pea a deodorizer that guarantees a fresh smelling pup after grooming. In addition to that, the shampoo is ideal for puppies that are prone to dry skin as it comes with moisturizing properties. Similarly, it incorporates proteins that are essential for conditioning of the coat. For skin nourishment, the shampoo has fatty acids that also control scaling and flaking. Furthermore, it is pH balanced not to mention the fact that it lathers easily. With this shampoo, grooming your puppy will be fast as it rinses out easily leaving your furry friend’s coat soft and shiny. Lastly, it can be used alongside topical flea control products.


  • pH balanced
  • Deodorized for a fresh after-bath smell
  • Can be used alongside topical flea control products
  • Made from all natural products
  • Safe for puppies
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Ideal for pups with allergies
  • Good for dogs with dry skin


  • The sweat pea fragrance is too light and does not stay for long

6. Wahl Dog/Puppy Shampoo

The Wahl dog and puppy shampoo is exactly what you need for your next grooming session. Its unique natural formulation will surely exceed your expectations. All its components are organic and drawn from plants. Perhaps the most precious ingredient in the shampoo’s composition is aloe vera that is known for its therapeutic properties. It is alleviates itchiness in addition to promoting healing of the skin. Plus, it keeps the skin moisturized. Still, the shampoo contains cornflower that nourishes the skin and gently keeps it cleansed. Another reason why you should buy this shampoo is that it does not contain any harsh chemicals. This ensures that your puppy’s delicate skin is not irritated or peeled off. Nonetheless, it leathers fast and rinses easily as well.


  • Free of chemical
  • Composed of organic ingredients
  • Lathers easily
  • Ideal for puppies at any age
  • Gentle of puppy skin
  • Balanced pH


  • Not recommended for dogs with sensitive skin or allergies

7. Dog Shampoo For Dry Itchy Skin

Medicated shampoos are hard to come by. If you are after the most effective medicated dog shampoo in the market right now, I would recommend this product. The shampoo features a natural and nourishing formulation with organic ingredients. What I like about the shampoo is that it is safe to use multiple times of your young furry friend. This is owing to its gentle nature with no sulfates and phosphates. Oatmeal, a key ingredient, is known to relieve itching and moisturize dry skin. Likewise, it has aloe vera that protects, heals and hydrates the skin. Moving on, it has natural oils that keep the coat shiny and reduce shedding. It is pH balanced for that gentle touch.

  • Pros
  • Good for sensitive skin and allergies
  • Non-toxic
  • Safe for continuous use
  • Biodegradable material
  • Features natural ingredients
  • Medicated


  • Most dog owners dislike its scents that tends to be weak and fade fast

8. Healthy Breeds Oatmeal & Aloe Dog Shampoo

With this shampoo you can bid goodbye to adverse puppy skin conditions. This is because the Healthy Breeds Oatmeal and Aloe Dog shampoo is hypoallergic. It is composed of vitamins and oatmeal that work to improve dry or itchy skin. Conversely, aloe vera is therapeutic and a natural moisturizer thus soothing the puppy skin. Another fascinating attribute about this shampoo is the lack of irritating chemicals, colors or alcohol. This guarantees a safe and enjoyable bath for your pooch. Similarly, it is pH balanced hence ensuring that it does not tamper with the dogs natural oils or strip the pup’s delicate coat.

  • Pros
  • pH balanced
  • Features natural ingredients
  • Deodorized
  • Made from quality and reliable product
  • Safe for regular use
  • Hypoallergic
  • Can be used with topic flea treatments


  • Its fragrance is not strong and long lasting

9. Nourish 16-Ounce Shampoo/Conditioner

Who does not adore a fresh smelling pet? The wet dog smell is just disgusting. If you are looking for a strongly scented shampoo for your little furry friend, then I would recommend the Nourish 16-Ounce shampoo. It features a coconut scent that is long lasting. Besides that, the shampoo comes with a special formula that nourishes puppy skin and reduced shedding. The shampoo is made from quality natural ingredients by a trusted brand in the USA. Nourish 16-ounce shampoo has aloe vera that keeps the skin hydrated naturally in addition to soothing it. Alongside that comes with provitamin B5 and other natural extracts which strengthen fur and prevent scaling. Additionally, the shampoo has no artificial additives and chemicals making it gentle on puppy skin. I love its pH balance which limits irritation. For easy grooming, the shampoo lathers easily not to mention that it washes off fast.

  • Pros
  • Scented
  • pH balanced
  • Features natural ingredients
  • Alleviates shedding
  • Has no chemicals
  • Highly effective


  • May be a little costly for buyers on a tight budget

10. Pro Pet Works All Natural Oatmeal Dog Shampoo + Conditioner for Dogs

An ingenious combination of naturally therapeutic and soothing ingredients makes pro pet dog shampoo one of the best shampoos for German shepherd puppies. It is especially recommended for puppies with skin issues and allergies towards flea bites, grass and food. This is owing to its rich composition of medicinal ingredients including aloe vera and almond oil. I like Aloe vera in particular as it helps to moisturize the skin which is very vital for puppies with dry skin. It also relieves itchiness among dogs with sensitive skin. On the other hand, almond oil is packed with vitamin E that aids in repairing damaged skin as well as nourishing skin cells. Natural ingredients will not irritate the skin, nose or eyes of your young furry friend thus guaranteeing a pleasurable bath. Moving on, the shampoo is rich in fatty acids that also promote healing of the skin and help it to retain moisture. It is infused with a cherry almond scent that helps to get rid of the dump smell from wet dog fur. Puppies with sensitive skin will be safe with this shampoo due to a balanced pH. Finally, it helps to detangle making it easy to use the best brush for long haired german shepherd when grooming.


  • Infused with cherry almond scent
  • Has not chemicals
  • Composed of all natural ingredients
  • Enriched with aloe vera
  • Free of detergents and soaps
  • Biadegradable
  • pH balanced
  • Quality guaranteed
  • Can be used alongside flea treatment products
  • Safe for frequent use on puppies



Factors to consider when buying shampoo for german shepherd puppy

  1. Allergies

Some dogs tend to have sensitive skin which makes them allergic to some ingredients. It is crucial to be aware of how your puppy reacts to the shampoo that you use. In the event that your pup is allergic to some ingredients, get the best shampoo for itchy German shepherd, medicated shampoo or one that is hypoallergenic.

  1. Ingredients

The ingredients of a dog shampoo determine its effectiveness in cleaning, moisturizing and keeping the skin or coat healthy. The best shampoo for German shepherd puppy should be made from natural ingredients. Shampoos that are comprised of sulfates, phosphates, paraben and other harsh chemicals have proven to cause skin irritation and worsen the skin condition of dogs with allergies. Furthermore, puppies have a delicate skin and they need shampoo that is gentle but firm on dirt and germs. Dog shampoos with natural ingredients like oatmeal, aloe vera and tea tree oil are highly recommended for German shepherd puppies. Nonetheless, always go for shampoos with ingredients that lather easily for effective coat washing. Similarly, the shampoo should be easy to rinse. To top it off, the ingredients should leave the fur smooth, shiny and healty.

  1. Deodorizing capabilities

Dog smell is a common problem linked to prolonged periods between baths. The ideal schedule for a German shepherd puppy is after every four to twelve weeks. During this period, your little pooch is likely to develop foul smell. Therefore, it is recommended for you to find a shampoo with long lasting fragrance or one with superior deodorizing attributes. Some of the long lasting fragrance ingredients for dog shampoos include orange, chamomile, vanilla and lavender. They ensure that you furry friend remains fresh in between baths.

  1. Moisturizing

German shepherd puppies are not exempted from the harming effects of dry skin. You should get a shampoo that is will moisturize the skin. Aloe vera and oatmeal are natural moisturizers. Buy shampoos with such ingredients to get your puppy’s skin moisturized accordingly.

  1. pH Balanced

Another vital aspect that you ought to consider is your dog’s skin pH. Ensure that you buy a shampoo that is specifically meant for dogs. Human skin has a different pH level compared to that of dogs. That is why vets discourage dog owners from using human shampoo on dogs. Dog’s skin pH lies between 6.5 and 7.5. Anything that exceeds or fall past that will culminate cause irritation and leave the skin exposed to infection. Buy dog-specific shampoos as their pH is balanced to suit dog skin. Always include the right shampoo in your german shepherd grooming kit.

What is a shampoo for german shepherd puppy?

It is a cleansing agent designed to clean sooth or cool the skin and coat of a German shepherd puppy. Shampoos for German shepherd puppies come in different varieties, scents and ingredients. Some of the varieties come with specific ingredients meant to treat or cure specific problems that a puppy might be experiencing.

How Many Puppies Can a Dog Have The First Time

After rigorously tending and caring for their furry friends, dog owners are often anxious to find out how many puppies they will be blessed with. The anxiety is even more intense when the dog is pregnant for the very first time. So, how many puppies can a dog have the first time? To answer this sufficiently, we will highlight some of the factors that affect fertility and also look at other frequent questions surrounding the topic.

Factors that affect litter size

The number of puppies that your dam can yield is anchored on a number of factors. Check them out below:

1. Age of the dam

Age definitely has an impact on a dog’s litter size. The older it gets the lesser the number of puppies it is likely to deliver. This is more predominant among large dogs. As they get past five years, their litter size begins to become smaller. Recent studies on the subject have linked the condition to abnormalities within the uterine walls of the mother as well as depreciation in the number of follicles. Other researchers associate it with premature embryotic death. Conversely, young mothers have proven to deliver fewer puppies especially during their first time. It is asserted that such dams might not be fully developed to accommodate or bear bigger litters. However, a gradual increase in the litter size is witnessed in the births that follow until they get older.

2. Breed of the dam

The dog’s breed determines how many puppies it is likely to have. Bigger dog breeds like German shepherds and Labrador retrievers are known to have bigger litters compared to smaller breeds such as Chihuahuas. While the smaller ones will only yield about two to five puppies, their counterparts can have up to 15 puppies in every birth. Nonetheless, this theory does not cut across all breeds as other smaller breeds like the Pekingese can manage ten babies per litter.

3. Mode of breeding

Another attribute that might affect the size of a litter is the mode of breeding. Natural breeding has proven to produce more puppies compared artificial insemination. This is owing to the fact that during artificial insemination, sperms are more prone to death. Similarly, the dam might be inseminated with dead sperms. The perfect mode of fertilization is to allow your dam to breed naturally. It would be ideal to have your dam breed two days after ovulation.

4. Health of the dam

It is vital to ensure that your dog is in good shape at all times before conception and during pregnancy if you expect a large litter. Additionally, it is vital to select a stud that is healthy during breeding as well. Looks might be deceiving. The only true way to ascertain if a dog will give to more puppies is to look into its reproductive history unless it is delivering for the first time. The aspects that matter in this case are milk production, mothering ability and the litter size. The last three weeks of pregnancy are very crucial. Top notch balanced nutrition during the gestation period is a must as it contributes to a dam’s wellbeing. Be on the lookout for its weight. It should be moderately sized; neither being too fat nor too skinny. Most importantly, always be in constant consultation with   your vet whenever anything comes up.

5. Age of the Stud

As much as the size of the litter is mainly anchored on the dam, the age of the stud also plays a major role. The age of the stud affects sperm count and sperm quality. It happens such that the older it gets the lower the sperm count and vice versa. Thus, the sperms of dogs over five years will only be able to fertilize fewer eggs hence transforming into a smaller litter.

Frequent Questions about Dog Fertility

How many puppies can a German shepherd have?

German shepherds are large dogs. Thus, you should naturally expect them to be fertile. After a gestation period of 63 days, a healthy German shepherd mother can manage 8 babies per litter. This number will vary depending on heat or ovulation cycle, diet and care.

How many puppies can a dog have in their first litter?

Recent studies on the topic have linked the number of puppies born in a litter to the dog breed size. To add on that, first time mothers tend to have relatively smaller litters compared to their subsequent ones. It is estimated that large dog breeds like pitbulls can have up to 5 puppies in their first litter while smaller breeds like Chihuahuas can only manage 2 puppies per litter. Some dogs manage only one pup for their first litter. Nonetheless, through palpating and x-ray scans, it is possible to know the exact number of puppies in a mother’s belly even before birth.

How many puppies can a dog have in a lifetime?

On average, a dog will have two to three litters within a single year. Considering that the dog bears five to seven puppies per litter, this will transform into fifteen to twenty one puppies annually. With that in mind, we can conclude the mother and her babies will bear more than 67,000 puppies in a six year time frame.

Can a Pitbull have only one puppy?

Any dog breed can have one puppy and pitbulls are no different.  Such scenarios are more predominant among smaller breeds. The chances of a pitbull having only one puppy at a time are very slim. In most cases, this will happen when the pitbull mother is very old or too young. Moreover, it can be alarming for a dog to bear only one puppy although it is normal at times. It is vital to get your dog examined as soon as possible. Premature death of embryos and difficulty while delivering can result in the birth of a single pup. Some puppies may be too huge or incorrectly positioned. A Caesarian section might be in order for such cases.

How many puppies can a pitbull have?

Just like German shepherds, pitbulls are large dogs which mean that they have sufficient space to accommodate more puppies. The first round of puppies for any breed is marred with uncertainty. For instance, some dogs may give birth to a single pup. However, pitbulls can deliver five to seven puppies in their first birth. Their subsequent litter might be bigger.

Therefore, how many puppies can a dog have the first time? As we have seen above, the number of puppies per litter depends on breed, age of the mother, overall health among other factors. It is possible to know the exact number of puppies that your dogs will yield through X-ray imaging and palpating.

What To Feed Newborn Puppies Without Mother

What To Feed Newborn Puppies Without Mother

Unlike other mammals, dogs tend to be quite premature at birth. This is evident in their closed eyes and delicate state. The prematurity is even worse in large breed dogs like pitbulls. Therefore, they are nursed by their mother for the first two weeks upon birth until their eyes open and they become strong enough to start weaning. Their mother’s milk has colostrum that is rich in protein that boosts their immune system and boosts their strength. In the event that their mother is absent for one reason or another, her puppies are considered as orphans. Orphaned puppies do not benefit from the crucial heat, nutrition, humidity, social stimulation and sanitation that a mother provides. However, with proper care and constant consultation with a vet, you can still raise orphaned puppies. All you need to know is what to feed newborn puppies without mother and also beware of the challenges that they may encounter.

What Orphaned Puppies Need in Their Nutrition

Now that your puppy is orphaned it is important to provide it with nutrients similar to those found in the mother’s milk. As a matter of fact, the ideal nutrient supply for a newborn puppy should be composed of 33g crude protein, 15g of lactose and 42g fat. Let us look at sources of the nutrients:

Water/ fluid


The milk is largely composed of fluid. Thus, the importance of having plenty of water in the diet goes without saying. Puppies will require about 130 to 220 millimeters of fluid or water per one kilogram of puppy weight on a daily basis. Commercial milk replacers should me diluted with warm water to provide fluid for the delicate puppies.


Besides being rich in calories, colostrum – which is mother’s milk – is also very easy to digest for puppies. Other than that, it is dense with protein that enhances growth and fortifies the immune system. Most vets discourage pet owners from using cow milk on their as it is not easy to break down thus causing bloating or other stomach problems. The perfect protein substitute for your puppy would be commercial puppy milk due to its superiority nutrition wise.

How to Feed an Orphaned Puppy

Before you swing into action you are advised to have a logbook that will help you keep track of the feeding schedule, stool consistency, changes in weight as well as any potential problems that may come up. Newborn puppies should be weighed after two days for the first four weeks from birth. Most well fed puppies will add on up to 5% of their existing weight on a daily basis.

In order to feed an orphaned puppy appropriately, you need a pet nursing bottle. It is basically a bottle fitted with a soft nipple. The fluid flow in the nipple should be gradual to give the puppy sufficient time to swallow its content. Rapid flow could lead to death, pneumonia or aspiration. Moving on, the puppy’s head should be in a horizontal or head neutral position when being bottle-fed. The feeding schedule for orphaned puppies should be strictly maintained at four to five meals a day.

Additionally, the meals should be administered after every three hours. Commercial milk replacers have proven to be effective substitutes for the mother’s colostrum. You should warm the milk replacers to 38 degree Celsius before nursing your puppy. Plus, neonatal orphaned puppies should not be overfed. Smaller dog breed puppies should have around 15mls per meal within the first week from birth. Weaning comes in after three or four weeks depending on development of the puppy. The process of transitioning from milk replacers to solid food takes time. Ensure that you buy formulated high quality food for enhanced puppy growth.

Common Problems Experienced by Orphaned Newborn Puppies

Now that we have gone through what to feed newborn puppies without mother, let us delve into some of the common problems that newborn puppies are more likely to encounter if orphaned:

  • Hypoglycemia

You can already guess where puppies get sugar from. Their mother’s milk is a wholesome meal comprised of all nutrients that they need to grow out of their immature bodies. Sugar or glucose is not exceptional. Glucose provides energy that is particularly vital at their delicate state. Some of the symptoms of low sugar include seizures or convulsions, muscle twitching and severe depression. You can correct this by applying a few honey or sugar solution droplets on the puppy’s tongue.

Hypothermia is low body temperature in simple terms. As mentioned before, newborn puppies depend on their mothers’ radiant heat to retain their body temperature. In the absence of their mothers, they are prone to hypothermia which may be fatal to their well-being. This makes them susceptible to serious complications if the condition is not acted upon in time. One of the remedies for such a situation would be to come up with an alternative source of heat. Heat lamps, hot water bottles, heating pads and incubators are often utilized in such a scenario.

  • Dehydration

Just like heat, a puppy also gets fluids from its mother. Lack of fluid is another problem that orphaned puppies might have to deal with. Dehydration is further heightened by environments of low humidity. Lack of fluid affects digestion and also tampers with metabolism. This further culminates into dry skin and mouth.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can 4 week old puppies drink water?

At four weeks a puppy should be able to drink water with ease. After two weeks, mother dogs introduce their pups to weaning although occasional nursing is maintained. Weaning involves solid food and water. It runs for eight weeks.

What should a 5 week old puppy feeding schedule look like?

By the time your puppy gets to five weeks it should have been introduced to weaning. The feeding frequency should be reduced to about three to four times per day. Nevertheless, you should watch out for the quantity of every meal to avoid overfeeding that could culminate into diarrhea. Ensure that you get your puppy smaller yet frequent meals for easy digestion. Similarly, puppies are very active at this stage and require frequent meals to pump up their energy levels.

What should 3 week old puppy poop look like?

The poop of a three week old puppy ought to be yellowish in color and runny. This is because at this stage they mainly feed on semi-solid food. Diarrhea is a common problem too. It is often attributed to overfeeding. You should consult a vet if it gets worse.

What is the appropriate 2 week old puppy care?

To answer that, we should first look into what to feed puppies at 2 weeks. A puppy will be hooked on its mother’s milk during the first few days after birth unless otherwise. However, at two weeks, puppies should be ready to try out new foods. Bottle feeding is a perfect alternative at this point. There are specially designed for this purpose. Furthermore, I would recommend using puppy milk replacement formula. Cow milk might be nutritious but it is not good for a puppy’s digestive system. This also provides an elaborate answer for what to feed 3 week old puppies or how to take care of a 3 week old puppy without mum. You can place the puppy(s) in a well cushioned box for warmth in case their mother is not around.

Now that you know what to feed newborn puppies without mother, it should be easy to take care of your immature furry friend in the absence of its mother. Always consult a vet in case you are uncertain about anything.

Why Do Puppies Have Puppy Breath?

Puppies boast of the sweetest breath while they are in their first four to six months. This is the smell that dog owners long for when they hug their furry friends. The great breath is often emitted from their mouth and also present on the coat.

Why do puppies have puppy breath?

The incredible smell is often linked to a series of changes that transpire within the mouth of the puppies. Similarly, the good breath may be emanating from the lactose in the mother’s milk. This fresh aroma comes after milk is broken down by the pup’s digestive system.

However, the good smell is gradually engulfed by an unbearable odor after six months have elapsed. Whether it is 5 month old puppy bad breath or three months bad breath; it is terrible! Bad breath is blamed on a combination of stomach digestive system as well as enzymes and bacteria in the mouth. 

Causes of bad breath in puppies

Below is a detailed breakdown of some of the causes of bad breath among puppies:

1. Diabetes

Diabetes in dogs can lead to bad breath. The smell tends to be fruity in this case. Thus, in case you happen to catch such as a smell from your pup, it could be an early indicator of diabetes. Nonetheless, it should not be a matter of concern as diabetes is treatable in dogs. An appointment with a veterinarian would be sufficient.

2. Periodontal disease

Top oral hygiene is vital for the well-being of your puppy. However, no matter how thorough you may be, some dental ailments might slide under your check points. Most dogs are prone to different forms of periodontal disease before age 3. At this point, pups should be eating solid food perfectly. This makes their new set of teeth susceptible to bacteria which are responsible for bad breath.

When the bacteria accumulate over a long period they form tartar and plaque. In turn, tartar and plaque advance into periodontal disease and gingivitis. Any dog with such conditions will experience pain in addition to having problems when eating and more foul breath.

3. Teething

Another enemy of good breath in puppies is teething.Most veterinarians may recommend teething as one of the means by which you can eliminate periodontal disease. On the flip side, teething has been found to facilitate bad breath in puppies.

Normally, puppies grow new adult teeth which replace the old ones. This allows bacteria to collect up on the gum line hence leading to bad breath.

4. Kidney Disease

Dogs just like people have very sensitive kidneys. It is no secret that some dogs eat poop especially when they lack proper diet or guidance from their owners. Nevertheless, it is rare to find a dog that smells urine because of drinking pee. If you happen to smell urine from your pups mouth then that is alarming. Urine-like breath is an indicator of kidney disease.    

5. Oral problems

Bacteria seem to be at the center of all breath problems in puppies. In this case, there might be other oral problems messing up with your pup’s sweet breath. This could be anything problem benign tumors to the dreaded mouth cancer.

Gingival hyperplasia is the most common oral problem known to vets. All of these problems create a perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

6. Liver Disease

Liver disease in dogs is defined by a foul breath coupled with lack of appetite, vomiting and yellowish gums. In case your pup exhibits such symptoms then it would be wise to get her checked up for liver disease which could be an indication of a more serious disease.

7. Worms

Worms are dreaded parasites known for their adverse effects on dogs. Some of the most prevalent ones include heartworms, whipworms, tapeworms, roundworms and hookworms. Puppies get the worms from their mothers through ingesting milk or by birth.

However, is puppy breath caused by worms? Indeed, they are also associated with the bad breath. The most common symptoms of worms in puppies include:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Coughing
  • Pot belly
  • Skin irritations
  • Visible worms on the skin and in fecal matter
  • Weight loss
  • Low energy
  • Lack of appetite
  • Dull coat

8. Gastrointestinal diseases

Gastrointestinal diseases in dogs mainly affect the intestines, esophagus and stomach. Such ailments also result in foul odor.  

9. Eating poop

Puppies are very curious of their surroundings. Eating poop tends to be a natural way of getting familiarized with their environment. Thus you should not panic when puppy breath smells like poop. The habit of eating poop is medically described as Coprophagia.

Unfortunately, the poop is riddled with infection causing bacteria that get lodged in their mouth. In the end, this causes bad breath.

How to get rid of puppy breath

Dogdog Bha –

As much as bad breath may be devastating, there are a couple of ways to deal with it. Some of the solutions on this list might not work for all puppies. It is vital to consult your vet before giving them a try:

1. Brush their teeth

Proper oral hygiene accounts for more than forty percent of good breath in dogs. Just like humans, dog teeth also need to be tended to. Regular brushing ensures that the gums and teeth are in good shape at all times. Additionally, it is important to get toothpaste specifically meant for dogs.

2. Take them for a checkup

As you might have noticed above, there are several factors and ailments that culminate into bad breath. The best way to ascertain any of the causes is to book an appointment with your vet. This way it is easy to unravel the root cause of any bad odor and find a remedy.

3. Use mouthwash

Mouthwash kills any bacteria that might be lingering in the gums, teeth and mouth of your furry friend. It also eliminates any plaque or tartar from the teeth and restores fresh breath.

Now that dogs might not be able to gurgle the mouthwash every morning, you can add it in their water bowl. Dog mouthwash and other accessories can be found in most pet shops or clinics.

4. Give them dental chews

Using dental chews is the quickest means of restoring your pup’s fresh breath. However, it is short term. Make sure that what your canine uses is approved by the vet. 

5. Safe chew toys

Regular chewing helps puppies to develop strong teeth. This is why it is important to get them chew toys. Nonetheless, ensure that you get toys that are friendly to their gums and teeth. Healthy gums and teeth guarantee fresh odor.

6. Proper hydration

Dogs that get plenty of water are assured of fresh breath. The same applies for puppies. Give your four legged friend lots of water.

7. Balanced diet

A balanced diet will go a long way in sustaining fresh aroma in a dog’s mouth. Lots of sugar encourages the existence of infection-causing bacteria. Puppies need healthy bacteria. A healthy diet will transform into healthy teeth, gums and sweet breath.

Frequently asked questions

How long does puppy breath last?

In most cases, puppies lose their adorable aroma after losing their baby teeth. This can begin as early as three months for some puppies or drag on to seven months. It depends on the dog breed, size and diet. Changes in breath take place within this duration. 

When can you start brushing a puppy’s teeth?

Puppies only grow full teeth when they get to about six months of age. As much as they might begin teething after a while it is still important that they get used to the brushing routine in good time. This is why you are advised to begin brushing your pup’s teeth as early as 6 weeks. Keep the puppy’s size in mind.

There you have it! The riddle regarding why puppies have puppy breath is now solved. Every dog owner would love to have a furry friend with a pleasant breath. There may be several explanations for the change in breath as highlighted above. Always consult your vet for a proper diagnosis. Maintenance of oral hygiene should be exceptional. To top it off, ensure your puppy eats a balanced diet in addition to taking lots of water.