We usually think of dogs and cats when we think of pets. However, a large part of the population has chosen to live with birds. They’re enjoyable to watch, colorful, and the ideal pet for someone who doesn’t want a large animal.

In any home, the family and the pet must be compatible, or else you may end up with an unwanted pet and an unhappy situation. A big, colorful exotic bird is often the first choice, which may seem like a great idea at first, but this type of bird may be too much for a first-time bird owner to handle.

Important Things to Consider Before Getting a Bird Pet

It’s not just about keeping a bird in a cage with food and water and talking to it occasionally when you have the chance. Before deciding which type of bird would be best for your family, learn about the several factors to consider. Dietary requirements, social needs, and space requirements vary by bird species.

  • Bird Size
      • The larger the bird, the bigger your commitment. Larger birds are more attractive, but they require more space and attention
  • Budget
      • Exotic birds are both expensive to buy and to take care of. They are a big commitment because they have a long lifespan. They are, however, extremely intelligent and easy to train.
  • Temperament
      • The behaviors of different species differ. Some people prefer their birds to socialize outside their cages, while others do not. You’ll have to know what’s best for your family.
  • Time
    • How much time can you dedicate to providing care and attention? How much time can you dedicate to training if it is required?

The Right Bird for You

It is advisable to start small with a smaller bird, knowing its needs. They’re easy to look after, handle and are ideal for beginners.

  • Budgies and Parakeets
      • They are the most popular among bird enthusiasts. They are bright, intelligent, and a great source of entertainment because they are so easily tamed.
  • Finches and Canaries
      • They make good pets for people who prefer to look at them rather than handle them. Their songs are sweet, and despite their small size, they can make quite a mess, so make sure you have enough room.
  • Doves
      • They are known for their calmness and cooing. Those who prefer a more hands-on bird are affectionate and can be hand-fed. They are, however, larger and can make a big mess, so make sure you have enough room. It’s also worth noting that their cooing is lovely, but it’s constant. You might need to cover their cages in the evening to keep them quiet.
  • Cockatiels

      • They are a quiet species that can be quite affectionate. They are intelligent, easy to train with consistent effort, and ideal for someone who wants to interact with their bird daily.

Even though birds are small pets, they still require care and attention. Before deciding, learn about each species you’re interested in and what it takes to care for and maintain them. Keep your personality in mind, as well as the amount of time you and your family can dedicate. Knowing more about the bird you choose will be a great start for your new pet and your family.