It’s already difficult enough to leave your pets at home when you’re at work, let alone for an extended period. Whether you’re traveling for work or pleasure, there will unavoidably be times when you have to leave your pet at home. It is normal to experience anxiety and concern.

One of the leading causes of people not taking vacations is the stress associated with leaving their pets at home while they go on a trip or weekend getaway. Your pets are used to having you around, and you might wonder where to leave your pet while you’re on vacation. It’s not easy to get past the pangs of guilt that come with having to leave your pet behind.

What to do with your pet when you have to travel? 

Since every pet is unique and has specific requirements for its care, there is no “one size fits all” approach to pet care. Before leaving on vacation, you must research your pet care alternatives to make the best decision for yourself and your pet (s). Finding reliable pet care before leaving on a trip is key to comfort.

1. Pet Boarding Facility

A pet boarding or a veterinary hospital is the most common facility that may care for pets around the clock. If you decide to use a boarding facility, do your homework and get suggestions from other pet owners to find a good one.

Verify if the facility has the appropriate licensing for housing borders. Inquire about the experience and training of the staff, as well as the routines and routine costs associated with caring for your pet.

2. Professional Pet Sitting

Hiring a pet sitter is excellent if you want to make sure your pet is in good hands while you’re away. In terms of flexibility, pet sitting is the best choice. With this choice, your pet can always stay in its environment. A pet sitter is another excellent option for helping your pets maintain as regular a routine as possible while you’re away. 

You and your pet sitter can work up a daily routine that includes feeding, walking, and letting out. For your peace of mind, a pet sitter (especially those who work for well-established pet care services) will likely have earned multiple certifications in pet safety. While away, they’ll show your pets affectionately and send you updates. You can also ask the facility’s in-house veterinary dentistry specialist to check your pets oral health during the stay.

3. In-Home Boarding

If you’re nervous about inviting a stranger into your home or your pet is overly possessive of its territory, boarding your pet with a pet sitter is a great alternative. Instead of paying a pet sitter to visit your home many times a day, you could do this, which could be cheaper.

When you choose in-home boarding, your pet will be under the constant supervision of a trained pet sitter. Usually, your pet will get to interact with other animals while being closely watched. In-home boarding also prevents your pet from being left alone for the night. You can gain more info here by reading blog posts and articles about it.

4. Friend or Neighbor

Do you have a close buddy who adores playing with your pet or your next-door neighbor who can’t wait to walk your pet? You may ask them to stop by for feedings, playtime, and walks. 

It is likely more reassuring for you and your pet if the individual entering your home is already familiar. If your pet is nervous around strangers or you need a helping hand at the last minute, this is a perfect solution. Offer to do the same for them the next time they take a trip if they have pets. 

5. House Sitting

If you are looking for someone to look after both your house and your animals at the same time, hiring a house sitter may be the best solution for you. When you go with this choice, it indicates that you want someone to move into your home while you are away so that they may look after your pets while you are gone.