Many individuals count on kennels and boarding centers to take care of their dogs while they are away. Pets that are boarded may be left open to health hazards that could be dangerous. Canine health problems and infections can spread out quickly in social environments such as kennels and daycares, equally as they do in humans.

Issues That Might Arise From Pet Boarding

However, you may notice that some aspects of your pet’s personality have altered. This, not unexpectedly, might worry you. Nonetheless, there’s virtually little to be concerned with. Many of the changes you observe in your pet are common and will solve themselves quickly.

When your pet returns from a dog and cat boarding facility, here are several of the most frequent problems you might experience. Perhaps, this knowledge will help you better prepare and anticipate what to expect.


People frequently send their dogs to dog boarding facilities to have fun with other dogs. This is standard practice– numerous opportunities for your dog to socialize and get some exercise with other dogs. The benefits of socializing are multiple, but so are the negatives. Despite the best purposes, a game of tag may quickly develop into a brawl in a boarding center.

The risk of harm is extreme for puppy boarding centers that do not separate dogs relying on their age and energy level. A vet surgeon might suggest surgery when a dog is significantly harmed in an altercation. If your dog is injured while boarding, the center needs to notify you and have your dog’s vet info on hand so that you can look for the finest care possible as promptly as possible.

Hunger and Thirst

A week without food may appear like a long time to your pet. When dogs are boarded, they tend to drink and eat less because they are in an unfamiliar setting and aren’t as relaxed as they would be at home. Therefore, they are more likely to drink and eat even more when they arrive home.

Within a few days, this should go back to normal. An animal hospital that provides vet nutrition consult in Groton can guide the optimal healthy food for your pet’s health and wellness.


Since they returned from pet boarding, hasn’t your dog been sleeping a bunch? This is an indication that worries a lot of owners, but it takes place rather frequently. While you’re away, your dog will have plenty of activities to keep their mind and body energetic while you’re away from home at a boarding facility. Usually, it’s just an instance of them needing a little more rest, nevertheless the fun they had while away from home.


Diarrhea is a typical event after boarding. Your pet may get stomach flu while on vacation, but this isn’t always the instance. Since boarding facilities work hard to maintain their facilities tidy, stomach flu is rare. However, if it does not vanish within a few days, it’s still a good idea to take them to the vet.

Final Thoughts

When your dog returns house from a treatment center, it will have a problem adjusting to its routine. They might be more inclined to look for your love and care, drink and eat more routinely, or rest longer. Remain calm; they’ll get used to their day-to-day behaviors after a few days.