Best Bedding For Puppy 2020 – Buying Guide & FAQs

Dogs are arguably man’s greatest friend. The only way to repay their loyalty and unconditional love is to tend and care for them sufficiently. Puppies are usually delicate and very vulnerable to diseases during the first six months after birth. They deserve the best bedding to keep them warm, clean and comfortable.

best bedding for puppy

Any responsible dog owner should be aware of how crucial sleep is to the health and wellbeing of these furry friends. Thus, the best bedding for puppies should be designed to accommodate their needs and facilitate their transformation into adulthood. This article provides an insightful guide on buying the best bedding for puppies.

Best Bedding For Puppies Reviews 2019

1. MidWest Deluxe Bolster Pet Bed for Dogs & Cats

MidWest Deluxe Bolster Pet bed is among the most comfortable beddings for puppies in the market right now. It offers an opulent resting place for the young furry friends thanks to a thickly cushioned structure. Other than that, the bedding is foldable making it ideal for dog houses, dog carriers and metal dog crates.

On the same note, I love the bedding as it can be carried around with ease. What I like about the bedding is its enhanced comfort owing to the thick polyester padding around its perimeter.  The polyester-packed bolsters around the perimeter serve as headrests.  Its shape and size is large enough to accommodate the biggest dog breeds.

With a length of 22” the bedding would be sufficient for a dog weighing up to 12 pounds. Nonetheless, the bedding is available in other sizes ranging between 18 to 54 inches.  Another reason why I recommend the bedding for your puppy is that it is machine washable. This way you will not have to worry about cleaning or keeping the bedding tidy.

To top it off, the bedding is quite durable not to mention the fact that it is pocket-friendly. The only downside of the bed is that it is not god for puppies with separation anxiety or excessive chewers as they might destroy it.


  • Quality stitching
  • Quality construction
  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Completely machine washable
  • Thickly padded
  • Ideal for carrier crates
  • Soft and comfortable


  • The bed tends to shed a lot
  • It is not good for excessive chewers

2. K&H Manufacturing K&H Pet Products Self-Warming Lounge Sleeper Pet Bed

If you are in search of durable and comfortable animal bedding for puppies then I would recommend the K&H self-warming lounge sleeper. It is constructed to keep your little furry friend warm, safe and comfortable throughout the years. This is thanks to an incredible self-warming feature that is not dependent on electricity.

Comfort is unquestionable as it is made from a blend of cotton and polyester material. The inner side is gentle on puppy skin as it is lined with microfleece. It features a soft pillow that is covered with a metalized insulation which prevents puppies from losing heat during the cold season.

Besides being cozy, the bed also turns out to be completely machine-washable. The latest versions have a detachable inner lining for easy cleaning.  Another remarkable aspect of the bedding is that it is made from environmentally friendly polyfil processed from recycled plastic bottles.

For stability, the bed is fitted with a layer of non-slip fabric. Finally, it comes in different colors and sizes to suit every puppy.


  • Completely machine washable
  • Fitted with non-slip bottom that enhances stability
  • Guarantees warmth throughout the year
  • Made from premium and durable material
  • Well cushioned


  • The inner inside is not thickly cushioned or padded
  • The inner lining is not removable for this version

3. Sofantex Pet Bed

Sofantex Pet bed is a high caliber pet bed loaded with excellent features. It is perfect for puppies and small-to-medium dogs. It features ultra-soft interior lining that guarantees a luxurious resting experience for your puppy.

To add on that, its inner space is wide enough for puppies to curl up in different comfortable positions. I like the bed because it is machine washable thus you will have an easy time cleaning it.

The bedding will surely exceed your expectations in terms of durability as it is constructed with quality material. Additionally, it is stitched together sturdily to ensure that it serves your puppy for long.


  • Durable
  • Machine washable
  • Pocket friendly
  • Spacious
  • Comfortable


  • I dislike the its structures as it does not hold the shape of the bed

4. Best Friends by Sheri OrthoComfort Deep Dish Cuddler

With an innovative design and ample resting space, the Best Friends by Sheri OrthoComfort Deep Dish Cuddler is indeed safe puppy bedding. Its versatile construction, with higher and thicker walls provides sufficient support that alleviates pressure on the joints and generates additional support for your young pet.

Robust stitching around the walls ensures that the bed retains its structure hence boosting durability. Furthermore, the bed’s size allows your puppy to sleep in any position. Still, the bed comes with deep crevices where you puppy can burrow and nuzzle.

Besides that, the bed includes soft fabric extra comfort. Similarly, it features sturdy nylon fabric that keeps out water and dirt. Nylon also eliminates any growth of mildew that is dangerous for the puppy.

For easy maintenance and cleaning, the bed is completely machine-washable. This way you will not have to worry about bad odor or disgusting hair. Additionally, the bed is built to accommodate different pet sizes owing to its flexible construction.


  • It is easy to wash and maintain
  • Safe and secure for puppies
  • Spacious
  • Made from durable materials
  • Strong stitching retains its structure
  • Features versatile construction
  • Has thick and high walls for support
  • Comes with a waterproof bottom


  • It is not long lasting

5. MidWest Homes for Pets Bed

The MidWest Homes for Pets Bed is extensively cushioned to provide five star comfort. This is attributed to extensive padding as well as a soft inner lining. The bed incorporates high walls for support. I think it deserves a spot among the best animal begging for puppies.

It comes in a variety of sizes suitable for any puppy size. Cleaning the beg is easy and effortless as it is drier safe and machine washable. To add on that, the bed is safe and secure for puppies since it is fitted with a non-slip bottom.

Nonetheless, the bed’s size is perfect for standard dog crates. The quality of the bedding is non-questionable as it is made from premium polyfiber that holds the structure together for long.


  • Made from quality material
  • It offers unparalleled comfort
  • Available in different sizes
  • Has a non-slip bottom for stability
  • Ideal for standard dog crates
  • Easy to wash and clean


  • Some dog owners complain that the bed is not well cushioned

6. Spring Fever Rabbit Dog Cat Pet Bed

What I like about the Spring Fever Rabbit Dog Cat Pet Bed is the warmth and coziness that it provides to young dogs. Its interior is lined by the finest and softest fabric making it ideal bedding for 4 week old puppies.

Comfort and security is further elevated by high and thick walls that provides support. Durability is worth dying for as it is constructed with quality materials. Nonetheless, the bed is easy to carry around thanks to a strategically fitted holder on its top.

Stability is enhanced by an antiskid bottom that ensures that your puppy rests peacefully and undisturbed. Another incredible attribute about the bed is that it is water resistant hence your puppy will always remain dry and comfortable even on a wet floor.


  • Made with quality material
  • Spacious
  • Has an antiskid bottom for stability
  • Comfortable interior
  • Integrated holder for easy carrying
  • It is water resistant


  • It is hard to clean

7. Animal Planet Cuddly Pet Bed

As much as your puppy needs a comfy bed, it is important for you to buy one that compliments your home decor. Luckily, the Animal Planet Cuddly pet bed comes in a neutral color that is compliments all interior designs. The bed features a uniquely designed inner surface that provides ample space and support.

It also has bolstered sides that boost the comfort level for your puppy. I think it is one of the most durable bedding for 4week old puppies as it is constructed with an anti-wear bottom.

In addition to that, the bed is soft and warm providing ideal conditions for your pup to grow up healthy. Moreover, you will not have to worry about drools, fur or stains as it is machine washable and easy to dry.


  • Durable
  • Has an anti-wear bottom
  • Thickly padded interior for comfort
  • Machine washable
  • Has neutral color that compliments any home décor
  • Spacious


  • Tends to be too fluffy hence its structure does not hold

8. KOJIMA Cute Color Shark Round House Puppy Bed

Just like other puppy beddings on this list, the Kojima cute shark round house puppy bed is constructed to accommodate your puppy’s interests.  This is reflected in its unique design that creates a roomy inner surface.

It is made a combination of fiber and oxford cloth materials that are strong and super fine. The inner surface is lined with ultra-soft cotton fillers that offer world class coziness. It is perfect for all seasons owing to its self-warming mechanism.

Another superior feature is the thick stuffing on the inner surface that elevates comfort for your little dog. To add on that, the bed has a detachable cushion that makes it easy to maintain. The bed is machine-washable. For security, the bed has an anti-slip bottom that is also waterproof.


  • Self-warming
  • Thickly stuffed for comfort
  • Machine washable
  • Has an anti-slip bottom
  • Waterproof
  • Durable


  • The materials from which the bed is made contain chemicals that cause irritation

9. K&H Pet Products Ortho Bolster Sleeper Orthopedic Dog Bed

The K&H Pet Products Ortho Bolster Sleeper Orthopedic Dog Bed is a top quality product defined by exemplary coziness. I like the detachable and machine washable cover that makes it easy to clean and maintain the bed.

The bed comes with a polyfil-filled bolster for enhanced comfort and security. For a luxurious experience, the bed lies on a thick medical grade orthopedic foam. Cleaning the foam is equally easy as it can be unzipped from its cover.

On the same note, the inner surface is lined with soft micro flees and premium velvet. A combination of the two transforms into kingly opulence for your pup. Additionally, its structure is held in place by sturdy stitching around its perimeter.

The sleeping space is adequate and comfy allowing your pup to rest in any position. This aids in decompressing the head and neck in addition to minimizing pressure on the joints.


  • Easy to wash and maintain
  • Detachable covers
  • Thick orthopedic foam and overfilled bolsters for comfort
  • Made from premium materials
    Secure for puppies
  • Soft inner lining


  • The inner lining becomes stiff after using for a while
  • It is not water proof hence the foam soaks when placed on a wet floor

10. BarksBar Gray Orthopedic Dog Bed

Puppies need a warm, dry and comfortable bed for a peaceful sleep as well as sufficient rest. All this contribute to a puppy’s wellbeing and the BarksBar Gray Orthopedic Dog bed is engineered towards providing such conditions for your furry friend.

This is reflected in its luxurious design suitable for puppies. The bed comes with comfy orthopedic foam that alleviates pressure on the joints. Alongside that is a rim cushion that is cotton padded for extra comfort.

Its high and thickly padded walls enhance support that is required by pups. Plus the walls are engineered to align with the pup’s neck and head which heightens the comfort. Nevertheless, the bed includes a removable cover that is machine washable.

Still, the cover is quilted gray; a neutral color that will superbly compliments a home décor of any kind. For optimal stability and security on tiles or wood floor, the bed is fitted with non-slip rubber at the bottom.

It is among the best bedding for litter of puppies owing to its spacious inner structure.


  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Fitted with a non-slip rubber at the bottom for support
  • Thickly padded walls
  • Comfy inner structure
  • Made with quality material
  • Spacious for a litter of puppies
  • Color compliments with home décor


  • Does not retains its shape due to insufficient stuffing

Factors to consider when buying a bedding for puppy


Below is a list of some of the factors that you should keep in mind while buying a bed for your puppy(s):


The size of your dog matters when it comes to beddings. You need a bed that is proportional to your puppy’s size. This way it will be effective in providing warmth, support and comfort to your furry friend. Always pay attention to the inner dimensions of the bed. You should ensure that the bed is proportional to your house too. A bed that is too big may interfere with your operational space within the house. Therefore, shop with your puppy’s size in mind.


It would be illogical to assume that the bed of an adult dog will be the same as that of a puppy. Puppies need a bed that is designed to suit their needs in terms of size and activity level. Age determines the size, behavior and activity level of a dog. Puppies have a higher activity level compared to grown dogs. They also chew on stuff and may need a bed that is strong, durable. New born puppies are delicate and require support and security. The best bedding for newborn puppies ought to be warm, soft and comfy.


It is common belief that costly products are more durable. This could not be further from the truth. However, you can still find durable and super functional puppy beds at a pocket-friendly price. Before buying any bed for your puppy, it is crucial to check out the features or refer to what other customers have to say regarding the product. Make sure you do not spend a fortune on a bed that you will have to replace after a few months.


A dog’s character as well as its ultimate size and personality is anchored on its breed. This is reflected in the temperament, activity level, eating and sleeping habits. There is also the issue about shedding and the coat. Some dogs like to be covered when sleeping, while others prefer to snuggle or tunnel. Thus, it is vital to know the characteristics of your puppy in order to buy a bed that will comfort to its needs.


Most big chewers tend to be victims of separation anxiety. Biting onto something alleviates the tension that comes with it. Such puppies will destroy a poorly stitched bed in a very short time. If your pup has this problem then it would be wise to go for a bed that is made with strong materials to sustain occasional bites. Beds with wooden or wicker frames encourage chewing.


Nesting is synonymous with expectant mothers although some puppies do it in a bid to get warmer or get comfortable. If little pooch tends to dig into the inner surface of the bed then it would be wise to avoid puppy beds with detachable inner cushions.


There are different styles with which the best bedding for puppies are made. Perhaps the most common ones are stretched, curled, flat or those with sides. These designs are geared towards accommodating different sleeping positions. While some dogs love to curl up when sleeping others prefer to lay out straight. You ought to be keen and observe your dog’s sleeping position before choosing the right design for your pooch. Beds with raised sides offer more support and ensure that your puppy feels secure. Nonetheless, other puppies are more comfortable on a flat bed with no surrounding walls.

Interior design

It makes sense to buy a dog bed that matches your home décor. Most dog beds feature neutral colors that easily complement any interior design. Besides color, you may also want the material on the beds to be similar with what you have in the house. Take time to choose the perfect pattern, color or material for harmony.

Dog crates

Another attribute that you should keep in mind while buying a bed for your puppy is whether you will need it to fit in a crate. Dog crates enhance a dog’s security and make it easy for you to carry your pet around. It is important to ensure that the bed is flexible enough and it can fit into a crate in case you have one.


A clean bed promotes a puppy’s wellbeing. Such beds lack parasites or other infection causing organisms that are known to trigger itchiness and skin irritation in puppies. Cleaning also ensures that your house is free of any hair, dirt or smell that might emanate from the bed. This is why you should opt for a bed that is easy to wash, dry and maintain. It would be better if the bed is machine washable.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is bedding for puppies?

The best bedding for puppies is anchored on the pup’s size, age as well as other needs. Such types of beddings are essentially designed for optimal comfort of the young and delicate pooch. For this reasons, the bedding is meant to be multifunctional. Besides aiding in heat retention, the bedding also absorbs body fluids like urine. This helps to keep the puppies safe and comfortable.

Types of beddings for puppies

  • Nest beds

Unlike the standard dog beds, nest dog beds are fitted with bolsters or rims around their perimeter hence raining the edges. The rims or bolsters make the beds secure besides providing support. Just like the name suggests, they inner surface is structures like a nest making them comfy allowing puppies to curl or lean on the surrounding bolster walls.

  • Heated beds

Heated dog beds are excellent animal bedding for puppies. They guarantee controlled warmth at all times making them the best bedding for new born puppies. Warmth is vital during the cold season for a puppy’s survival.

  • Donut beds

They are almost similar to nest beds owing to the stuffed bolsters and raised edges. Moreover, the beds come in oval or round shape which allows puppies to sleep in different positions. Kingly opulence is guaranteed with donut dog beds.

  • Covered beds

Hooded or covered dog beds are the best bedding for litter of puppies. They allow puppies to snuggle up and retain their warmth. The beds are ideal for young furry friends in cold weather.

Benefits of proper bedding for puppies?

  • Promotes a healthy physique

Sufficient rest or sleep is good for a dog’s well-being particularly when young. Beds provide better sleeping positions for puppies which is good for their posture. It also supports their joints neck and head.

  • Keeps them warm

As much as they might have a thick layer of fur or coat, puppies still need a bed to remain insulated and retain heat especially during the cold season. Heated or self-warming beds might be good for younger canines.

  • For comfort

The best bedding for puppies provide comfort which transforms into better sleep and a healthy life in the long run.


It is vital for you to buy the right bed for your little canine as its survival may depend on it. There are different types of beds that you can buy depending on the needs of your puppies. Other than providing and retaining warmth, the best bedding for puppies should be secure, comfortable and easy to clean.


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